Partnership for Inclusive Health: Bridging the Equity Gap in the Eastern GTA

A Community Conversation at University of Toronto Scarborough

Wednesday, February 23

9:00 am–4:30 pm ET


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light and exacerbated existing inequities that disproportionately burden equity-deserving groups and undermine health and well-being in the Eastern Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 


There is now an immediate opportunity for us to strategically mobilize supports and resources to address these challenges and collectively imagine how we can redress these systemic inequities and improve the determinants of health in the region.    


Partnership for Inclusive Health: Bridging the Equity Gap in the Eastern GTA will bring together U of T Scarborough-based health researchers, community health advocates, and senior leaders for discussions that will explore health inequities within the Eastern GTA and start to better define pathways to improving the health and well-being of communities in the region, with a focus on health as a human right.





Opening Remarks and Welcome

9:00–9:45 am

  • Naulaq LeDrew, Knowledge Keeper
  • Professor Wisdom Tettey, Principal, University of Toronto Scarborough
  • Dr. Kwame McKenzie, CEO of Wellesley Institute, Director of Health Equity at CAMH, and Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto
  • Dr. Andrew Pinto, Clinician-scientist at St. Michael’s Hospital, founder and director, The Upstream Lab, and CIHR Chair in Applied Public Health and Dr. Rosemarie Lall, Family Physician, Platinum Medical Family Health Organization Lead
  • Professor Hilary Brown, Health and Society, University of Toronto Scarborough


Collective Voice for Collective Impact I: Defining Urgent Needs for More Equitable Access to Healthcare in the Eastern GTA

A facilitated discussion with key health leaders, policymakers, and researchers considering the barriers and facilitators influencing access to healthcare in the Eastern GTA

Led by Notisha Massaquoi, Assistant Professor, Health Education and Promotion, Department of Health and Society

10:00 am–12:00 pm


Collider Events: Addressing the Social Determinants of Health and Well-being


1. Accessibility and Mobility: Connecting People to Health & Well-being

Led by Nicholas Spence, Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Society

10:00 am–12:00 pm


2. Food Access and Food Equity: Healthy Food Policy and Community Collaborations toward Nutritional Security

Led by Jayeeta Sharma, Associate Professor, Historical and Cultural Studies and Culinaria Research Centre

1:00–3:00 pm


3. Pathways to Student Mental Health and Wellness

Led by Amanda Uliaszek, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

1:00–3:00 pm


Collective Voice for Collective Impact II: Building our Capacity to Co-develop Equitable Services and Policies and Promote Health for All

A facilitated discussion centering individuals, families, communities, and partners as advocates for and co-developers of critical population health strategies that emphasize collective action to effect systemic change

Led by Melanie Blackman, Team Lead, Community Partnerships & Engagement; Hilary Brown, Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Society and the Dalla Lana School of Public Health; Kelly Crawford, Assistant Director, Indigenous Initiatives; Suzanne Sicchia, Associate Professor, Department of Health and Society and the Dalla Lana School of Public Health; and Kimberley Tull, Director, Community & Learning Partnerships and Access Pathways

1:00–3:00 pm



Each session and collider will report back on the outcomes of their discussion and propose pathways toward greater health equity in the Eastern GTA.



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