1. The Visiting Student Application is for students who wish to take a course or courses at the University of Toronto Scarborough for degree credit at their home University within North America. Applicants must be working towards an undergraduate degree and be in good academic standing at their home university.

    Please check first with your university to see if it has a student exchange agreement with the University of Toronto. If it does then it may be possible to attend U of T Scarborough on a student exchange, in which case, this Visiting Student Application Form is not appropriate. Please read item #4 below.


    Your Visiting Student Application should consist of the following:

    1. A letter from your home university giving you permission (i.e. a Letter of Permission) to take a specific course or courses at U of T Scarborough.
    2. A $60 CAN application fee payable online once you have completed the on-line application.
    3. An official copy of your academic transcript. You may submit an unofficial transcript with your application to aid in the admissions process, however, an official transcript is expected to be sent directly from your home university’s Registrar’s Office to finalize the application.

    Your home university will likely request that you submit a course description for each course you wish to take when you apply for a Letter of Permission. You may obtain this information from the Course Calendar. The Course Calendar and timetables are published on the Registrar’s Office website:

    The application deadline is April 1st for Summer entry and June 1st for Fall/Winter entry.


    If you are an international student outside Canada or the USA, you must complete a Non-degree Application form. Consult with the appropriate offices at your home university to ensure they will give you approval, at least in principle, to study at the University of Toronto Scarborough. In this case, the Visiting Student to U of T Scarborough Application Form is NOT appropriate.

    Instead, complete the online Non-Degree Application Form located

    Enrolment Services, University of Toronto,
    172 St. George Street,
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5R 0A3.
    Tel: (416) 978-2190.


    Enquire at the office responsible for student exchange programs at your home university to see whether an exchange program is already in place. Check if your institution appears on the program list at the University of Toronto Centre for International Experience website:

    The University of Toronto has established a student exchange program with McGill University and the University of British Columbia. It is open to citizens and permanent residents of Canada.

NOTE: All of our courses have enrolment limits. An Offer of Admission does not guarantee registration in particular courses. Select extra courses for your home university to approve in case we cannot accommodate your preferences.

I have read and understood the Visiting Student Application Process.


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