Please Follow these Seven Steps:

  1. Pay for transfer credit assessment

    Once you receive your offer of admission, submit the $30.00 transfer credit assessment fee. This fee is mandatory and must be paid to initiate your transfer credit assessment.

    Note:Transfer credit assessment priority will be given to students who have accepted their U of T Scarborough Offer of Admission.

  2. Email official course outlines (syllabi)

    Submitting detailed course outlines is mandatory for courses taken outside of Canada. Official English translation must accompany official transcript and course outlines issued in a language other than English.

    Transfer Credit Assessors may require detailed course outlines for courses taken at Canadian institutions. If course syllabi are necessary, you will be contacted directly.

    When required, students may email course outlines to

  3. Submit official final transcript(s)

    Transcripts from institutions within Ontario must be submitted electronically via OUAC. Hardcopy transcripts for institutions in Ontario received by Admissions & Student Recruitment will not be accepted. Transcripts from institutions outside of Ontario must be sent directly from the issuing institution to the Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment at U of T Scarborough. We do not accept copies “issued to students”.

    Transcripts submitted for admission purposes will be used for transfer credit assessments. You must provide an official final transcript if new academic information becomes available.

    It is mandatory that you inform us immediately if you are enrolling in summer courses and send your official final transcript when grades are finalized. There is no additional assessment fee for summer courses.

    Where applicable, transcripts should be sent to:

    Admissions & Student Recruitment (Transfer Credit)
    University of Toronto Scarborough
    Arts & Administration Building, Room AA128
    1265 Military Trail
    Toronto, ON M1C 1A4

  4. Ensure that your email address is correct.

    When your transfer credit assessment is complete, you will receive an email with the outcome. Please note, Admissions & Student Recruitment will only communicate with your official University of Toronto email addresses, or the email addresses indicated on your U of T application.

  5. Review the "Transfer Credit Information Sheet" before contacting your transfer credit assessor.

  6. Selecting Courses at U of T Scarborough

    Once you have accepted your offer of admission, you should register for courses at the start of your registration period whether or not transfer credits have been assessed. To avoid enrolling in courses, for which you will receive transfer credit, we strongly encourage you to complete a self-assessment. In order to complete a self-assessment, use Transfer Explorer or manually compare course descriptions using our academic calendar. Compare the content of your previous studies with courses offered at U of T Scarborough to ensure that there is no overlap.

    Once your transfer credit is finalized, you may need to adjust your course selection. Consider taking electives outside of your current or intended program of study. If you have any further questions regarding course selection, please contact U of T Scarborough’s Academic Advising & Career Centre.

  7. Transfer students have until the end of their first semester at the University of Toronto Scarborough to request a reassessment and/or an amendment.

    The same time limit applies to all department interviews and submission of detailed course outlines (syllabi). If you have questions or concerns about your assessment, please email Where necessary, a written explanation for reassessment or adjustment of a transfer credit decision may be requested.

If you have questions regarding the transfer credit policy, visit the Transfer Credit Website

I have read and understand the steps involved in my transfer credit application.


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