If you wish to study at an accredited university after admission, you may be eligible for transfer credit. The transfer credit assessment will take place AFTER the successful completion of the course(s) and submission of an official transcript and PATC application.

We encourage you to first consider a Letter of Permission (LOP) (for Canadian university) or the Student Exchange Program (for institutions outside of Canada) offered through the Centre for International Experience (CIE).

There is no guarantee that coursework completed at another institution will transfer to your UTSC degree program. Please read this page thoroughly and proceed cautiously when considering studying elsewhere outside of a Letter of Permission or Student Exchange Program.

Post-admission transfer credit applications are NOT routinely approved.



Review U of T’s Transfer Explorer tool to see if courses you intend to take have been previously reviewed. If the courses and institution are not listed, you can complete a self-assessment by comparing the course(s) using the UTSC academic calendar to obtain a potential equivalency. The final decision will be made after a detailed course syllabus and final transcript are submitted for review.

It is important to research the host institution carefully. We will consider the following when reviewing your application:


Student Eligibility

In order to be eligible for a PATC review, you must meet all of the following minimum requirements:


Current Students:

You must submit your PATC application no earlier than the completion of your course(s) and no later than one month following the completion of the semester. A final official transcript must be received by Admissions & Student Recruitment no later than the corresponding date below.

Newly Re-enrolled Students:

You must submit your PATC application and final, official transcript by the end of your first semester following re-enrolment.

Failure to follow these deadlines will result in the forfeiture of any possible transfer credit.

I understand the formal assessment for transfer credit will only take place after the course is completed and I have submitted the required documentation. I understand that failure to meet the deadlines stated above will disqualify my eligibility for transfer credit.
I understand that the post-admission transfer credit process is required when attending institutions outside of Canada.
I have read and understand the above guidelines to be considered for post-admission transfer credit.


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