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University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) students who wish to study at another institution are strongly encouraged to do so via a Letter of Permission (for Canadian universities) or a formal International Exchange (for institutions outside of Canada) through the Centre for International Experience (CIE). Students who take courses at another institution without following one of these processes may still be eligible for transfer credits; however, the transfer credit assessment will only take place upon completion of the course(s). Therefore, there is no guarantee that coursework completed at another institution will transfer to your U of T Scarborough degree program.

Applications for post-admission transfer credit should not be completed until after a student has completed courses at their host institution.

Request for Transfer Credit (Post-Admission)

UTSC Students who have completed courses at another Canadian institution after admission, may be eligible for transfer credit. The course(s) must be undergraduate level in arts, science or management and meet degree requirements at the host institution. Check the University of Toronto's transfer credit planning tool to see which courses have previously been assessed for transfer credit: Transfer Explorer. If the course(s) or institution are not listed, students may complete a self-assessment by manually comparing course descriptions using the UTSC academic calendar.

The actual assignment of transfer credits will take place upon receipt of the official transcript received directly from the host institution, with confirmation of achieving an appropriate grade. To be reviewed for transfer credit, students must achieve at least 10% (or one full letter grade) above a passing score, as defined by the host institution.

Current UTSC students who would like to apply for transfer credit for studies completed before admission to UTSC should refer to our website. Students can send questions about transfer credits to

If you have taken a course at an institution outside of Canada after admission, you can apply for a transfer credit assessment after courses are completed. Only courses with final grades on a transcript will be considered for transfer credit. There is no guarantee, that coursework completed elsewhere will be transferred towards your degree program at U of T Scarborough.

GUIDELINES for assessing eligibility to receive transfer credit:

  1. Post-admission transfer credit applications are not routinely approved. Students must explain the reasons for choosing the particular post-secondary institution and why they are unable to take the course or equivalent credit at UTSC or another University of Toronto campus.
  2. Students must have completed the equivalent of at least 4.0 full credits at UTSC and have an academic status of "In Good Standing".
  3. Students must submit detailed course syllabi, URL or catalogue descriptions from the host university.
  4. The course(s) requested must be undergraduate Arts, Science, Management, or Economics course(s).
  5. Only students admitted to a Management Subject POSt are eligible to be reviewed for transfer credit to upper year (B, C or D) Management courses.
  6. A maximum of 5.0 full credits may be transferred. Students who have received 5.0 or more transfer credits upon admission, on a Letter of Permission or post-admission, may not be eligible to receive additional transfer credits.
  7. Only 1.0 credit at the senior level (C or D level) will be permitted to transfer.
  8. Post-admission transfer credits will not be granted for on-line courses or courses that are graded as Pass/Fail.
  9. Upon receipt of the official transcript directly from the host university and the detailed course outlines, transfer credit may be assigned for those courses where an appropriate grade was achieved. Please Note: The host university grades are NOT recorded on the University of Toronto transcript and are NOT included in the grade point average.
  10. To be considered for post-admission transfer credit for studies at institutions in China, students must provide official transcripts issued directly from the Registrar’s Office of the host institution, and CDGDC verification of the official transcripts.

I understand the formal assessment for transfer credit will only take place after the course is completed and I have submitted the required documentation. I understand that failure to meet the document submission deadline of October 15th will disqualify my eligibility for transfer credit.
I understand that the post-admission transfer credit process is required when attending institutions outside of Canada.
I have read and understand the above guidelines to be considered for post-admission transfer credit.


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