A Letter of Permission is prior confirmation that a course you intend to take at another university is acceptable for transfer credit at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC). UTSC students who wish to study at another accredited degree-granting institution within Canada and have those credits transferred to their UTSC degree must receive permission in the form of a Letter of Permission (LOP) PRIOR TO TAKING THE COURSE(S). Students receiving a LOP must reside in the same geographic area the host institution is located.

LOP Application Deadline: Three weeks prior to the start of classes at the host university. Check directly with the host university for information concerning their application and registration deadlines.

Letters of Permission are not routinely approved. Students must provide reasons why the Letter of Permission is necessary. Explain the importance of the particular courses selected, why this course cannot be taken at UofT Scarborough or another UofT campus and the reasons for choosing the particular post-secondary institution.

If the courses taken while on LOP are intended to meet program requirements, students should consult the relevant Program Supervisor and keep records of all correspondence.

Students should compile and send the host university’s detailed course syllabi, URL or Catalogue descriptions to utsc.transfercredit@utoronto.ca for courses not available on Transfer Explorer.

GUIDELINES AND CONDITIONS for assessing eligibility for Letter of Permission:

  1. Students must have completed the equivalent of at least 4.0 full credits at UTSC and have an academic status of "In Good Standing".
  2. Courses requested must be undergraduate Arts, Science, Management, or Economics courses.
  3. A maximum of 5.0 full credits may be obtained on a Letter of Permission. Only 1.0 credit at the senior level (C or D level) will be permitted on a Letter of Permission. If a student has received 5.0 or more transfer credits upon admission, it is unlikely that a Letter of Permission will be approved.
  4. Letters of Permission are not normally granted for study at institutions within Toronto and surrounding regions.
  5. Letters of Permission are not normally granted for on-line courses, particularly if the student lives in Toronto and surrounding regions.
  6. Upon completion of the course and receipt of official transcript directly from the host university, transfer credit is assigned for those courses where a final grade of at least one above a passing grade is achieved, according to the host university’s grading scale.
  7. "No credit" will be recorded on the transcript if students do not meet the standards listed above.
  8. The grades are NOT recorded on U of T transcripts and are not included in any grade point average.
  9. If students do not register or withdraw with/without academic penalty, they are required to submit a letter confirming this from the Registrar of the host university. Students who fail to follow this process will not be permitted to register for subsequent sessions at UTSC and transcripts will not be released. The notation of “no credit” or “failure” will be entered on the student’s transcript. Students should read the "Study at Other Universities" section of the Calendar for more information.
  10. NOTE: Students who are taking final courses for their degree during the Winter Session will not be able to graduate in June. Grades are not received in time to process for June convocation.

I have read and understood the steps involved in the Letter of Permission application process and I understand that should my request be approved, I must adhere to the above noted conditions.


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