Post-Admission Transfer Credit (PATC)

The Post-Admission Transfer Credit (PATC) application is now closed.
Please refer to the schedule of dates below.

If you wish to take courses at an accredited degree granting institution after completing courses at University of Toronto Scarborough outside of a Letter of Permission or formal exchange, there is no guarantee that the course(s) will transfer to your U of T Scarborough degree.  The transfer credit assessment will take place after the successful completion of the course(s) and submission of an official transcript and Post-Admission Transfer Credit (PATC) application. 

Please read this page thoroughly and proceed cautiously when considering studying elsewhere outside of a Letter of Permission or Outbound Exchange Program. 


Applications for post-admission transfer credit will only be reviewed provided all of the following criteria are met. Where applicable, external verification may be required. U of T Scarborough students must always abide by the rules and regulations as outlined in the Academic Calendar, including the 3.0 credit load maximum per term. 

Note: Letters of Permission and post-admission transfer credit will not be granted if an equivalent course is being offered at the University of Toronto Scarborough in the same session.


  1. Students must be eligible to enrol in courses and have completed at least 4.0 credits as a UTSC Student before enrolling at another institution. 
  2. Students must be "In Good Standing" with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 1.60. 
  3. Students may not have any administrative holds (financial or other), or grade notations of GWR or SDF on their record.  
  4. Students may not receive more than 5.0 full credits through a Letter of Permission or post-admission transfer credits. See the Maximum Number of Transfer Credits Allowed chart. 
  5. Students may not receive more than 1.0 full credit at the C or D level. 
  6. Students must provide reasons why transferring these credits are necessary. Explain the importance of the particular courses selected, why this course cannot be taken at U of T Scarborough or another U of T campus and the reasons for choosing the particular post-secondary institution. 
  7. Students will not be eligible for June convocation if they request credit for the winter session as grades will not be received in time. 


  1. Institutions must have degree-granting authority as per local regulations.  
  2. For studies in China, you may take courses through the following partner institutions:
    • Fudan University
    • Peking University
    • Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)
    • Shanghai University 

    Only courses taken at the above mentioned partner universities will be considered for transfer credit without China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC) verification. If you take courses at universities in China other than Fudan University, Peking University, SUSTech or Shanghai University, you must submit CHESICC verification before transfer credit(s) can be awarded.

    For credit weight equivalency, please visit the Learning Abroad website. It is important that you check the credit weight equivalency prior to enroling in courses as the credit weight may differ between institutions. 

    3. All registration fees, course fees, syllabi and transcripts must be from the same degree granting institution. 


    1. Students must complete at least 50% of their program requirements at UTSC.  
    2. Must be undergraduate offerings similar to U of T Scarborough. For example, courses in education, social work or physical education would not be appropriate. Professional program courses such as Law or Medicine are also not appropriate. 
    3. Must have a detailed grading scale - pass/fail courses and "challenge for credit" are not acceptable. Transfer credit may be considered where students have achieved at least 10% or one full letter grade above passing.  
    4. Grades are not recorded on U of T transcripts and are not included in any grade point average. Transfer credit grades will appear as "CR".  
    5. Courses are available as part of a bachelor degree program at the degree granting institution. 
    6. Courses must be of equivalent weighting.  
    7. Must have a detailed syllabus available for the term in which taken (you will be asked to upload this when completing the application).  
    8. Students enrolled in a Management Subject POSt are not eligible to receive credit for program requirements, with the exception of MGTA01H3 or MGTA02H3.  
    9. Students who are not enrolled in a Management Subject POSt are eligible to receive generic credit only, for courses equivalent to those restricted to Management students. 
    Application Timelines & Deadlines

    You must submit your PATC application no earlier than the completion of your course(s) and no later than one month following the completion of the semester. A final official transcript must be received by Admissions & Student Recruitment no later than the corresponding date below. 

    Fall session: 

    Applications open: December 15 

    Application and documentation deadline: January 31 

    Winter session: 

    Applications open: April 15   

     Application and documentation deadline: May 31 

    Summer session: 

    Applications open: August 15 

    Application and documentation deadline: September 30 

    Failure to follow these deadlines will result in the forfeiture of any possible transfer credit. 

    Newly Re-enrolled Students:

    You must submit your PATC application and final official transcript by the end of your first semester following re-enrolment. 

    Processing Times:
    • Applications will not be processed until AFTER the deadline. In the event the transfer credit is needed for prerequisite purposes, contact the appropriate department advisor. 
    Be prepared to: 
    • input course code and title information 
    • upload your course syllabi in pdf  
    • pay the application fee with a Visa or Mastercard (application fee is not refundable)
    • arrange to have your official transcript sent from the host institution directly to our office 
    Electronic submission via Parchment/Naviance:
    Where applicable, transcripts should be sent to:
    Admissions & Student Recruitment (Transfer Credit)
    University of Toronto Scarborough
    Highland Hall, Room 104
    1265 Military Trail
    Toronto, ON M1C 1A4