Letter of Permission (LOP)

The Letter of Permission application is now closed.
Please refer to the schedule of dates below:

Fall Session
2023-05-15 to 2023-07-31

Winter Session
2023-09-15 to 2023-11-15

Summer Session
2023-01-16 to 2023-03-15

A Letter of Permission (LOP) is prior confirmation that a course you intend to take at another accredited degree granting institution is acceptable for transfer credit at UTSC. UTSC students who wish to study at another accredited degree granting institution within Canada and have those credits transferred to their UTSC degree must receive permission in the form of a LOP prior to taking the course(s). 

LOPs are not routinely approved. Students must provide reasons why the LOP is necessary. Explain the importance of the particular course selected, why the course cannot be taken at UTSC or another U of T campus and the reasons for choosing the particular post-secondary institution. 

If courses taken while on LOP are intended to meet program requirements, students should consult the relevant Program Supervisor prior to their application, and keep records of all correspondence. 

Students should compile and send the host university's detailed course syllabus, UTSC or Calendar descriptions to utsc.transfercredit@utoronto.ca for courses not available on Transfer Explorer.


Students will not be reviewed for credit unless all of the following criteria are met. Where applicable, external verification may be required. U of T Scarborough students must always abide by the rules and regulations as outlined in the Academic Calendar, including the 3.0 credit load maximum per term. 

Note: Letters of Permission and post-admission transfer credit will not be granted if an equivalent course is being offered at the University of Toronto Scarborough in the same session.


  1. Students must be eligible to enrol in courses and have completed at least 4.0 credits as a UTSC Student before enrolling at another institution. 
  2. Students must be "In Good Standing" with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 1.60. 
  3. Students may not have any administrative holds (financial or other), or grade notations of GWR or SDF on their record.  
  4. Students may not receive more than 5.0 full credits through a Letter of Permission or post-admission transfer credits. See the Maximum Number of Transfer Credits Allowed chart. 
  5. Students may not receive more than 1.0 full credit at the C or D level. 
  6. Students will not be eligible for June convocation if they request credit for the winter session as grades will not be received in time. 
  7. Official final transcripts are required to be received by U of T Scarborough in a timely manner to avoid potential impacts on course enrolment. Please notify utsc.transfercredit@utoronto.ca if transcripts expected to be received later than 1 month after course completion or immediately if an LOP will not be used for any reason.  


  1. Students must complete at least 50% of their program requirements at UTSC.  
  2. Must be undergraduate offerings similar to U of T Scarborough. For example, courses in education, social work or physical education would not be appropriate. Professional program courses such as Law or Medicine are also not appropriate. 
  3. Must have a detailed grading scale - pass/fail courses and "challenge for credit" are not acceptable. Transfer credit may be considered where students have achieved at least 10% or one full letter grade above passing.  
  4. Grades are not recorded on U of T transcripts and are not included in any grade point average. Transfer credit grades will appear as "CR". 
  5. Students enrolled in a Management Subject POSt are not eligible to receive credit for program requirements, with the exception of MGTA01H3 or MGTA02H3.  
  6. Students who are not enrolled in a Management Subject POSt are eligible to receive generic credit only, for courses equivalent to those restricted to Management students.
Application Timelines & Deadlines

 Below are the sessional application timelines and deadlines.  

Fall session: 

Applications open: May 15 

Application and documentation deadline: July 31 

Winter session: 

Applications open: September  15

 Application and documentation deadline: November 15 

Summer session: 

Applications open: January 16

Application and documentation deadline: March 15

Please note:  It is your responsibility to check directly with the host university for information concerning their application and registration deadlines. 

Processing Time

Applications for letters of permission will only be reviewed provided all of the criteria are met. This includes verification of academic standing, number of credits completed, UTSC course offerings and course enrollment for the requested LOP term. Approved letters of permission will be sent to students after the UTSC course enrollment has begun for the requested LOP term. U of T Scarborough students must always abide by the rules and regulations as outlined in the Academic Calendar, including the 3.0 credit load maximum per term. 

Be prepared to: 
  • input course code and title information 
  • upload your course syllabi in pdf
  • pay the application fee with a Visa or Mastercard (application fee is not refundable)