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Course Timetable

The timetable changes constantly. Check regularly for updates.

Course Timetable Archive

This archive provides copies of the past Academic Timetables. Please contact Tammy Parsonson, the Course and Room Scheduling Coordinator at the Registrar's Office, if you have any inquiries.


Meeting Section

LEC - Lecture
TUT - Tutorial
PRA - Practical

LEC 01-29: Day in-class lecture
LEC 30-40: Evening in-class lecture
LEC 60-69: Online+Day/Evening Sections
LEC 70-79: Online lecture, has in-class components
LEC 99: Fully Online
Section Code

F - September to December

Y - September to April

S - January to April
Location Codes (map)
AA - Arts & Administration Building
AC - Academic Resource Centre
AQ - Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre
BV - Bladen Wing
EV - Environmental Science & Chemistry Building
HW - Humanities Wing
IC - Instructional Centre
MW - Social Sciences Building
PO - Portables
SW - Science Wing
SY - Science Research Building
Restrictions & Instructions:

- Check for any course retrictions & instructions before enrolling.

- Additional information about a course.

Enrolment Controls

P = Priority. Some students are given priority access
R = Restricted. Course is restricted at all times for specific students
A = Approval. Departmental approval is required
E = Enrolment on ACORN is disabled. Students must enrol through the department * or combination of any above

2018 Fall / 2019 Winter Timetable

MATB44H3F - Differential Equations I
All students must enroll in a tutorial section. Please be assured that students enrolled in the Lecture will be accommodated in a tutorial. When the term starts, if necessary, additional tutorials may be added to accommodate all students enrolled in the Course. Keep checking ACORN. More information will be provided at the first class. Students requesting to change Math tutorials can do so via ACORN until the “last date to add courses”. After the “last day to add courses”, tutorial changes can be requested by:
(1) speaking to the lecturer and obtaining written approval from the lecturer
(2) asking the lecturer to forward the written approval to Kelly Squier
Meeting SectionDay(s)Start(s)EndLocationInstructorNotes
LEC01TU15:0017:00SY 110Najafi Ivaki, M.
TH10:0011:00IC 130Najafi Ivaki, M.
TUT0001MO09:0010:00MW 110
TUT0002FR14:0015:00AC 334
TUT0003FR09:0010:00HW 308
TUT0004TU14:0015:00HW 308
TUT0005FR10:0011:00MW 140
TUT0006TU18:0019:00MW 160
TUT0007FR12:0013:00PO 101

Schedule effective 2018-08-16 5:14pm

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