Applicant Eligibility

You can apply to the Green Path Program - Hong Kong at the University of Toronto Scarborough if you meet ALL FOUR of the following criteria:

  • Residing and studying in Hong Kong SAR, PRC
  • NOT currently enrolled in and NOT a graduate of a Canadian school system
  • Will have completed all secondary school graduation requirements prior to May 2024
  • Able to arrive on or before May 27, 2024, to participate in the 12-week Green Path Program

Students studying in the GCE or IB curriculum should email to determine eligibility before proceeding with the Green Path application.

You are permitted to submit only ONE application to U of T Scarborough. If you submit more than one, the later one will be cancelled without refund. For example, if you submit a Green Path application and later submit an OUAC application to U of T Scarborough, the OUAC application will be cancelled without refund.

Important Information regarding Eligibility and Start Date

The Green Path Program begins on May 27, 2024. If you are unable to arrive at the program start time, then, you are not eligible to apply via the Green Path program. No exceptions and no program alternatives will be made for those who are unable to arrive by the program start time.

All applicants should read the information below carefully before starting the online application. You can save or print this information for your reference.

Instructions for the Green Path Program Application

  • The Green Path application must be completed only by the applicant. All applicants must provide their commonly-used personal email address for any future email communication from the University.
  • All fields must be entered in English, unless otherwise specified.
  • All documents should be presented in English.
  • All transcripts should be in the numerical system. If your transcript is in an alphabetical grading system, please ask your school to provide a conversion chart.
  • You may save your incomplete online application form and complete it later.
  • Please refer to the Document Check list to make sure you have provided all required documents.
  • For best results, please use Microsoft Edge 44+, Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 37+, Safari 7+ or Chrome 42+. With other browsers, you may encounter issues when filling out the form.

University of Toronto Scarborough Admission Requirements

University of Toronto Scarborough has specific admission requirements for students coming from different education systems. Detailed admission requirements can be found below:

Note that additional interview is required for applicants to the Co-op Management & International Business programs.

School Profile Requirement

School Profile may be required. We will contact you to submit school profile after your application submission. If you are requested to submit school profile, please upload the file to your Green Path Application Portal.

Information for Students who follow the Canadian School System

Students who are in the Canadian curriculum (including those completing a dual Chinese and Canadian high school diploma) are NOT eligible for the Green Path Program. These students should proceed to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) to apply to the University of Toronto Scarborough.


Applicant Confirmation: