Winter 2022 Term FAQ


Winter 2022 Exam Information

As we return to mostly in person exams for the winter 2022 term, please keep the following in mind as you write exams on campus: 

  • Complete the UCheck screening and receive a ‘green screen’ 
  • Bring valid photo ID to verify your identity.  This can be a TCard or official government issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, Ontario photo card) 
  • Masks must still be worn in all indoor spaces.  During exams you will be asked to briefly lower your mask to verify your identity with your photo ID and to sip water. 
  • If you have an online synchronous exam and you are on campus, you can use the Sync Search App to find available classrooms. The app can be downloaded in advance on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. 
  • To accommodate the observance of Ramadan, between Saturday April 2 and Monday May 2: 
  • For exams running over the hours of sunset students will be permitted to bring water in a reusable or disposable bottle with labels removed and quiet, nut-free food in a transparent container or bag (wrappers on pre-packaged food products must be removed) into the exam room.  This allows students to break their fast after sunset. Students may briefly remove their mask to break their fast. You do not need to submit a special request for this allowance to be provided. 
  • Students will be permitted to leave the exam room to observe prayer. This accommodation will not necessitate extra exam time and students will be accompanied by an invigilator. This does not require any additional action on your part, you will simply need to identify yourself in the exam room as wanting to leave the room  at the relevant time. There are a variety of rooms available as dedicated prayer space during the examination period and they will be available from 8am-10pm daily: 
  • AA209 
  • BV264 
  • HL-B108 
  • HW308 
  • IC212 
  • MW223 
  • Students who are concerned that they will be disadvantaged by leaving the exam room for prayer may request an exam conflict rescheduling by contacting  Exam conflict requests need to be submitted a minimum of three business days prior to the exam. Rescheduled exams will typically take place at 9:00 am the next day unless that creates an additional exam conflict for the student. 


Students attending in-person exams in the winter 2022 exam period will need to complete  UCheck screening and receive a green screen before coming to campus.  We encourage you to complete the questionnaire truthfully and if you are unable to attend an exam due to illness, please complete the Absence Declaration on ACORN and submit a petition for a deferred exam on eService within 24-48 hours of your missed exam. If you are ill or showing symptoms of COVID-19 please do not come to campus, even if you have an exam. 

If you are facing extenuating circumstances that make it impossible for you to write your final exam such as an illness or death of a close family member, you may submit a petition with supporting documentation to request permission to defer writing your exam(s) until the next final exam period or in the next study break between the end of classes and the beginning of the final exam period . In rescheduling a deferred exam, the University reserves the right to accommodate your request by scheduling it at any time during the following session. Students are expected to write their final exams at the end of their courses and are discouraged from missing a final exam unless necessary. The decision to miss your final exam should not be a hasty one. There are support services available on campus that are designed to support you throughout the year to meet your needs. 


Think about your short term and long term goals, and ask yourself how ready you are now versus how ready you will be later. You should be aware of the following: 

The deferred exam may differ from the format of your originally scheduled final exam 

You have not earned credit in a course if you are granted permission to defer an exam. If the course is a prerequisite to any course you wish to take in the following semester, you may not be able to enrol in it 

If you have submitted deferred exam petitions, you will reduce your next semester course load by the credit value of your deferred exam(s) 

You will be writing your deferred exam at the same time as your next session's final exams. 


Winter Course Information

You can find all the updates on the Timetable website . The “Delivery Mode” field has information about how that course component is being delivered and the date that in-person activities will resume. The “Notes” section is used to identify courses that are fully online.  The Registrar’s Office is working hard to ensure that the information is correct. Students who believe that mode of delivery information is incorrect for a course should contact

Additionally, Instructors are posting information on Quercus and will announce return dates in class meets as appropriate

De-enrolment from Winter Courses

In August 2021, a community-wide message was sent to all members of the U of T community indicating that uploading proof of vaccination was required by October 2021. Since then, weekly efforts have been made to connect with students who missed the deadline to provide them with detailed information on their next steps, via email.

Regarding the Winter term de-enrolment, multiple emails were sent to students between November 2021 and January 19, 2022 and circulated via social media. Leading up to de-enrolment date for Winter 2022 courses, a message was also posted on Quercus for students who had not yet uploaded their documents. More widely, a general reminder was also posted for the general community as a banner on ACORN.

If space permits, we can re-enrol you into your courses until Monday, January 31, 2022 at 4:00pm (ET). To request re-enrolment, complete the steps below:

  1. Upload your proof of vaccination to UCheck
  2. Confirm that you have uploaded your documents to UCheck and request re-enrolment by emailing and including your full name, student number and the full nine-digit course code, including any relevant tutorial, lab or practical sections.

Please note that we will not add courses for Winter 2022 beyond Monday, January 31, 2022.

If you are only partially vaccinated, you may be eligible for a time limited exemption in order to complete your vaccination series. Please email the Office of the Vice-Provost, Students at as soon as possible, and before January 31, 2022 to see if you meet the requirements.

Processing time to approve or deny a request should be provided to the university, who will be carefully reviewing your request. As this process may also require follow-up with each student, a delay in submitting your request for an exemption in writing may prevent us from re-enrolling you into courses (if space permits) by January 31, 2022. We will not add courses beyond this date.

You have been de-enrolled from courses that have in-person activities and can remain enrolled in courses that are fully online for the Winter 2022 term.

Coming to Campus

The UTogether site is your best source of information about masking requirements, UCheck and other safety enhancements.  You can also expect to see UCheck Ambassadors. These trained ambassadors will ask every individual approaching a building entrance or space if they have completed their health screening in UCheck. If you are greeted by an ambassador, you will be asked to flash your completed UCheck green screen or show your paper form.


Students can use available study spaces and classrooms to participate in online classes. Soon, you’ll be able to download the Sync Search app, which will allow you to search for available space at UTSC.

Students who are not in compliance with the vaccination mandate and do not have an approved exemption are not permitted to be on U of T campuses or properties. Violating this instruction may result in an offence under the Code of Student Conduct.

If you are not feeling well, or you are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to campus. If you are absent from class or unable to complete any other term work, you are responsible for contacting your instructor(s) to request accommodation. You should also use the ACORN Absence Declaration Tool if you miss academic activity for any reason (e.g. COVID-19, other illness or injury, family situation) and require consideration for missed academic work. In some circumstances, instructors may request additional supporting documents.

The Registrar’s Office continues to provide virtual supports for students through our email. Availability of in-person service will be increased through pre-booked appointments as on campus activities resume in the coming weeks.