Tuition Fees

Understanding Your Fees

Fees invoices are available online in ACORN; invoices are not mailed. Shortly after you have enrolled in your courses, you will be able to view and print your invoice. 

There are different charges that appear on your ACORN invoice: 
1) Tuition Fees
Per-course Fees: Most arts and science programs have their tuition fees assessed on a per-course fee basis. Students who are in their first year (fewer than 4.0 credits) of Computer Science programs (Majors and Specialists) or Management programs will pay the same per-course fee as students registered in an arts or science program. 

Program Fees: A program fee is a flat rate amount charged to students in upper year Computer Science (Coop and Non- Coop), Majors and Specialists and Management (Coop or Non-coop). Computer Science and Management students pay a Specialized program Fee beginning in Year 2 after completing 4.0 credits. 

Students who are planning on taking a course load of fewer than 2.0 credits in a semester must self-declare this on eService by the appropriate deadline to ensure their fees are reflected correctly on ACORN. Full details, deadline dates, and instructions can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website using the link above. 
Retroactive Fees
Students switching into one of these programs after earning 4.0 credits (including transfer credits) will have their fees reassessed. By accepting the invitation to either program, you will pay the relevant program fee for the current session, and assume responsibility for any retroactive program fees applied to previous years of study. Students who have financial concerns are encouraged to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor. 
2) Incidental Fees
Incidental fees support services such as Health & Wellness, Athletics & Recreation, Health and Dental plans, and other student services. Incidental fees vary for full-time and part-time students. If you are enrolled full-time (1.5 credits or more) studies and then drop to part- time studies, you should do this within the 100% refund period, otherwise you will be subject to full-time incidental fees. 

3) Ancillary Fees

Ancillary fees are associated with your program of study and specific academic activities such as lab or studio fees.
4) Residence Fees
If you will be living on residence, your UTSC housing fees will be charged to your ACORN account (visible on your invoice).
5) System Access Fee
U of T’s System Access Fee is a non-refundable fee that supports the usage of U of T Student Web Services.
6) Service Charges 
Accounts that are not paid in full by the appropriate deadline are subject to a monthly service charge of 1.5% compounded (19.56% per annum) until the account is paid in full. See page 2 for payment dates.

7) Health & Dental Insurance

Full-Time Students: Full-time students are automatically provided with extended coverage for medical and dental services. Visit the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU) website for coverage information.

Part-Time Students: The Association of Part-Time Undergraduate Students at U of T has established a health and dental plan for students who are studying part time. Visit their website for full details on coverage.

International Students: The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) provides all international students, exchange students, new permanent residents, and returning Canadians who are not covered by OHIP with basic health care coverage. UHIP is mandatory for all international students enrolled at U of T, so there is no need to purchase another plan while in Canada. UHIP covers the cost of most doctor and hospital visits, but does not provide coverage for dental services or prescription drugs. 

8) Co-op Fees
There is a fee for students registered in a co-op program. This fee is payable in each of the first 8 semesters in which a student is registered for courses or a Co-op work term. Students admitted to a Co-op program after first year pay an adjusted fee 6 times. 

Paying Your Fees

Our advice to help you avoid or minimize service charges on your tuition and other fees:

  • Avoid service charges by paying your fees in full or minimize service charges by making monthly payments (click here for payment deadlines).
  • If you make changes to your course load, or get into a waitlisted course, check your invoice for updates.
  • Drop courses by the relevant refund deadlines if possible. A refund schedule detailing periods of refund eligibility can be found on our website.
  • Your first tuition payment is important for your ACORN status to change from invited to registered. 
  • If you did not pay the full amount, you can make additional payments as needed. 

How Much Do I Owe?
A full breakdown of your student fees will be available on ACORN. To access it, click “View Invoice” from the Finances menu. Fee charges are typically posted to your invoice shortly after the initial course enrolment period begins. Your account number is listed on the upper right hand corner of your invoice (see right). You will need this to make your tuition payment in person at the bank or online! Be sure to distinguish a zero from the letter “O”.

How Much Do I Pay?
The bottom of your detailed invoice will show you the minimum amount to pay in order to register. Students receiving financial assistance may be eligible to defer this first payment
Semester of Study Payment Deadline
Fall 2020 - Winter 2021 August 17
Winter 2021 only November 26

Students on Waitlists or Interim Status
If all of your courses are waitlisted and/or interim, make a minimum payment of $294 (plus any outstanding balance if applicable) to save your spot, and avoid being financially cancelled. If you do not get into the course(s) and will not be taking any other courses you are eligible for a refund of your payment. You must make this payment by the payment deadline and be prepared to show our office the proof of payment (e.g. the receipt or online transaction record) prior to the payment deadline as the payment will not trigger a change in your registration status and you run the risk of being removed from these courses. 

How Do I Pay My Fees?

Internet, Telephone, and ATM Banking
Be sure to set up the University of Toronto as a new payee:

  1. Set up the University of Toronto as a new payee (i.e., a new bill) through your bank. 
  2. Input your account number, which is found on the upper right hand corner of your ACORN invoice, as noted in the invoice sample at the bottom of this page. 

In-Person Payments at Your Bank
Bring a printed copy of your ACORN invoice to your bank or financial institution. To print your invoice:

  1. Login to ACORN and click on “Financial Account”.
  2. Click “Show Invoice”. Using your Internet browser settings, click “Print”.

Payment from Your OSAP Funds 
If you applied for OSAP, you can expect the University to instruct OSAP to send funding to pay your fees. For students who applied for two semesters (Fall/Winter), OSAP releases funding in two installments: the first in September (early Fall) and the second in January.Before OSAP releases any funding, the University must confirm your full time registration in both the Fall and Winter semesters. Note that you must defer your fees if you cannot make your minimum payment to register. 

This confirmation can happen as early as 10 days before the first day of classes in September and once again in early December for January. For each confirmation, the University takes a “snapshot” of your fees invoice and based on the amount owing will instruct OSAP how much funding to send to us on your behalf.  
For each confirmation, if the amount of the installment exceeds the amount owing to U of T, the difference will be deposited into your bank account. If the OSAP amount is less than the fees owing, you are expected to pay the difference from your own resources.
It is extremely important for you to check the information on your OSAP account and your U of T fees account each time OSAP funding is issued to you.  Make sure the information on your OSAP account matches the information on your ACORN account.  For example, check your course load on OSAP and then compare that to the course load on ACORN. It should be the same. If it is not, you must email us to request an update.


Credit Card Payment on ACORN

The option to make a tuition payment using a credit card will only be available once your fees have been updated on your invoice. To make your payment: 
  1. Login to ACORN and click the “Finances” tab.
  2. Select “Make a Payment”.
  3. Select the credit card option, and follow the instructions. Keep in mind that a 1.75% convenience fee will apply to the transaction. 
It will take 2-3 days for your payment to process. Non-Canadian dollar denominated credit card fee payments will be subject to foreign exchange rates and fees determined by the credit card company, and are not associated with the University of Toronto. 


Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
If you have an RESP plan, you will likely have to submit proof of your enrolment to the RESP company in order to have your funds released. Once the funds are released to you, you will have to pay fees to the university directly as the company cannot pay tuition fees on your behalf. Most RESP companies have a standard form that must be completed by the Office of the Registrar after you have enrolled in a full-time course load for both the Fall and Winter semesters.
If the company doesn’t have a form, you can request a confirmation of enrolment letter from us. Please note, there is an $8 fee for completion of a form or creation of a letter. If you have not received the funds from your RESP by the payment deadline, you must still make your minimum payment by this date. You are not eligible to defer your first payment on the basis of receiving RESP funding.


Your family and friends can convert Aeroplan Miles and TD Travel Rewards Program points into $250 worth of credits that you can use toward your fees. Visit the link above for more information.

WU Global for International Payments
WU GlobalPay for Students allows you to pay for tuition at a local bank at a competitive exchange rate with no transaction charges from either WU GlobalPay or U of T. You may choose the currency of your choice to pay the Canadian dollar payment.

After You Make a Payment
Keep the receipt or proof of payment. Screenshots are acceptable if you made a payment online. Allow time for your payment to process. It can take up to 7 business days for domestic payments, and up to 14 business days for International payments. Check your registration status on ACORN.

Your Registration Status on ACORN
Once your payment is received, your status for the upcoming semester(s) will change from “invited” to “registered”. If your status does not change, you will need to show your proof of payment to the Office of the Registrar before the financial cancellation date (page 2) to avoid being financially cancelled and removed from your courses.

Financial Cancellation = Removal from Courses
There are academic and financial reasons why a status of “financially cancelled” may appear on ACORN. Students who missed the deadline to pay or defer their fees and did not resolve it at the Office of the Registrar will be financially cancelled according to the financial cancellation date. They will be emailed instructions if they wish to request reinstatement.

Financial Cancellation Dates
Fall 2020-Winter 2021 semesters August 31
Winter semester only December 10

Students on academic suspension will also have a financially cancelled status. Students who were on academic probation in a previous semester should check their detailed academic history on ACORN, and view their most recent academic standing status. See page 14 for more details.

Late Registration Penalty
If you enrol in your first course after the registration deadline, a late registration penalty must be paid to the Office of the Registrar in person and a proof of payment for the minimum payment to register (as listed on your ACORN invoice) towards tuition must be provided.

This penalty is subject to change; please contact our office for details. This penalty also applies to students who are financially cancelled due to non-payment and wish to request reinstatement.

Fee Deferrals

What is a Fee Deferral?
We understand that students who are receiving a student loan or scholarship for the upcoming session may not have access to their funds by the registration deadline. If you are eligible, the University will allow you to register without making the minimum payment on your invoice. Deferring fees is a promise to pay at a later date. The University allows this because you have proof that you will be receiving student loan or scholarship funding to help you pay your fees. 

Fee Deferral Request Period
Fall 2020 - Winter 2021 July 20 - August 17
Winter only July 20 - November 26

Who Qualifies for a Fee Deferral?

OSAP Recipients
Apply for full-time or part-time OSAP by June 30. If you cannot make the minimum tuition payment on your own, and your OSAP application is submitted, you may be eligible to request a fee deferral on ACORN. It can take up to 7 days from the date that you applied for OSAP for you to be eligible to request a fee deferral on ACORN, so plan accordingly! 

U of T Scholarship Recipients  
Scholarship recipients can download the Fee Deferral Application form from our website. Completed forms can be submitted to the Office of the Registrar during the request period by email: 

Out-of-Province or United States Students with Loans
If you cannot make the minimum tuition payment on your own, provide a copy of your Notice of Assessment, which can be faxed (416-978-7022) or mailed to:

Enrolment Services – Financial Aid & Awards
172 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 0A3

Third Party Sponsorship Requiring an Invoice 
If an external organization or agency has awarded you with a scholarship, you may be eligible to request a fee deferral if you meet the following conditions:  you do not have fees owing from a previous session, and the value of your sponsorship is equivalent to your minimum amount to register for the Fall/Winter.

If you meet the criteria above, please provide an official letter from the organization confirming that they will make the payment to the University on your behalf. Submit this letter, along with your invoice to the Office of Student Accounts:

University of Toronto

Office of Student Accounts
215 Huron Street, 3rd floor
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1A2

Documents may be submitted in person or by mail before the relevant registration deadline (see financial dates). Please note that these documents must be submitted for every session in which you wish to register. The deferral does not carry over from one session to the next. If you are not eligible for a deferral, you must make your tuition payment.

Other Financial Arrangements
If you need assistance, see a Financial Aid Advisor at least two weeks before the registration deadline.

How to Apply for a Fee Deferral
You can apply for a fee deferral when your invoice is available on ACORN. Login to ACORN and select the “Tuition Fee Deferral” tab in the Finances section. Read and accept the conditions of this financial arrangement. 

You will know immediately if your fee deferral request was successful because your status will say REGISTERED. If your status says INVITED, this means your deferral was unsuccessful and you can try again within 1-2 business days.If you have any problems with the online deferral application please contact us:

Please ensure that you always use your U of T email address and provide your full name and student number when you email us. 

Tuition Refunds

UTSC Refund Schedule
If you are thinking of dropping a course, or dropping from full-time to part-time studies, the refund schedule deadlines will determine whether you are eligible for a refund. It is important to base your decisions on the correct schedule for your year and program. There is also a schedule that pertains to all students for incidental and ancillary fees.

UTSC students must follow the UTSC financial and academic deadlines regardless of which campus the course takes place on (unless otherwise stated).

For students who have received OSAP, reducing your course load can also impact your funding. This is especially important if you applied for full-time funding but you are dropping to a part-time course load. You are advised to contact a financial aid advisor to discuss the consequences of a lesser course load.

Types of Refunds: 
Academic Fees 

Tuition fees are assessed on whether you are charged flat program fees (for upper year students in Computer Science and Management), or per course (charged for each course you take). When you adjust your course load by dropping classes on ACORN, you may be eligible for a full or partial refund if you do so within the deadline dates. Please refer to the refund schedule for more details.

Incidental Fees
These fees vary for full-time and part- time students. If you enrol in a full-time course load then drop to part-time, you should do so within the 100% refund period, otherwise, you will pay full-time incidental fees. 

Ancillary Fees 
These fees are refunded only if you cancel your registration during the 100% refund period. Academic deadlines are not the same as financial deadlines. Please check the Office of the Registrar website for the most current dates. 

Receiving a Refund from U of T

If you are eligible for a refund, the credit will first be deducted from any outstanding balance (fees owing from a current or previous session) on your ACORN account. If your credit balance exceeds your outstanding balance, the amount will be listed at the top of the invoice with the letters CR at the end to identify it as a credit.

There are two methods of receiving a refund:
How to Get Your Refund through Direct Deposit
The quickest and most secure way to receive a refund is via direct deposit. To opt in to direct deposit:
  1. Login to ACORN and select “Financial Account”.
  2. Select “Direct Deposit”. 
  3. Click “Enter Bank Info” and enter your information.
  4. Update / verify your mailing address, phone number, and email address.
If you do not supply direct deposit information, a cheque will be mailed to your address listed on ACORN. Ensure that you always have the correct mailing address listed. By enrolling in a course, you assume full responsibility for managing your tuition fees, and adhering to the refund deadlines. Fees can only be adjusted when an error is made by the University. We’re happy to review deadlines, policies, and your invoice with you. 

Your Refund & OSAP Funding
If your fees were remitted directly from OSAP to the university on your behalf, the university must review your account before your refund can be processed.  The refund will be returned to the National Student Loans Service Centre if your OSAP was recalculated and the new assessment shows that you received more funding than you were entitled to. The university will review each account with a credit balance to determine how to allocate the refund.  

Questions About Your Refund
Please contact the Office of Student Accounts at the St. George campus. To ensure accurate and efficient service, please provide them with your full name and student number.

Telephone: 416-978-2142
Email address: