Summer Session FAQ Enrolment

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Summer Session FAQ Enrolment

What are the deadlines to enrol in summer sessions? Have they been adjusted due to COVID-19?

What if I require financial assistance to enrol in a course

Students may apply for OSAP for financial assistance. For immediate short-term financial relief because of unexpected
expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students may apply online for an emergency assistance grant.

For additional info please contact our Financial Aid team:

How do I enrol in a course I need to retake?

Students who wish to re-take a course they have already received credit for (or are excluded from taking due to transfer
credits) must add the course through our office. It will be flagged as an ‘extra’ course that you will not receive credit for.
While the grade will appear in your transcript, this will not mi pact your GPA.

Once your enrolment start time has begun, please email your enorlment request to us at: askregistrar@utsc.utoronto.
ca from your UofT email address and provide your name, student number, the full nine-character course code from the
Timetable and the lecture section so we can try to enrol you remotely.

I am receiving a message stating “no meeting sections available” for a course I’m trying to add. What does this mean?

Some departments are still determining which courses can be offered throughout the summer. Updates will be posted
beside the lecture code as they become available. If the course is not listed in the Timetable, it is not being ofered in the
summer. Please check the Timetable regularly for any changes.

Why am I getting a message from ACORN stating I must be enrolled in 1 Specialist, or 2 Majors,or a Major and 2 Minors to add courses?

Year 2 and higher students must be enrolled in an appropriate combination of ACTIVE programs, otherwise their access
to all course enrolment is blocked. Please add an appropriatec ombination of programs from the UNLIMITED category so that your general access to enrolment is returned. You can later remove them if you apply to, get invited to, and want to accept an offer from your desired limited program(s).

Please note that departments may put enrolment controls on theri courses so if you want to add courses outside you r
active program area(s), you may not immediately have access tod o so. Please check the Timetable to find out whether
the course(s) you want to add will be open to you .

I’m getting an ‘enrolment blocked’ message when I try to add a course

Some courses have priority enrolment for students based on programs/year of study/campus. Please read the enrolment
controls linked under the course code on the Timetable for details, as well as any announcements linked beside the
lecture section.

What if I want to add more than 2.5 credits?

When enrolment begins, students can add a max of 2.5 credits in a session. Please refer to the Summer academic dates
document to find out when ACORN will allow students to add up to 3.0 credits

Where can I study?

Due to COVID-19, students are expected to work from home. If sutdents are unable to access course materials or
needed resources, please contact the UTSC library