Scholarships and Awards

UTSC students have access to approximately $1.49 million in scholarships and awards, provided generously by the University and many donors. These awards are usually awarded based on academic performance.

Automatic and Application-Based Scholarships

You are automatically considered for some scholarships, and there are others that require an application. With the launch of the UTSC Awards Profile, applying for scholarships has never been easier - simply complete your profile, and we will consider you for over 100 scholarships and awards.

Graduation Awards

University of Toronto Scarborough undergraduate degree students are automatically considered for U of T graduation awards. These include the Governor General's Academic Medals, the John Black Aird Scholarship, and the Rose Sheinin scholarship.


Apply for all UTSC scholarships and awards by submitting just one application. Deadline to apply is May 31.
U of T Scarborough students who are excelling in their studies are automatically considered for in-course awards and scholarships, as well as graduation prizes.
Congratulations, you've been awarded a scholarship! Here are the details on payment, and general conditions.