This website serves diverse purposes and is presented as a supplement to The Aesthetics of Emotion: Up The Down Staircase of the Mind-Body (Cambridge University Press):

  • The Image Gallery comprises original colour images of all the artworks that appear in the book.
  • The Lecture series includes nine lectures (plus an introduction) that review and go beyond ideas presented in the book.
  • The Artist Interviews section offers conversations with artists whose works appear in my book along with a gallery of additional works chosen by them.
  • The Resources section includes a number of relevant academic resources
    -Dan Berlyne’s autobiographical interview with Roger Myers from 1973
    -Charles Fantazzi’s article on C. P. Snow’s Two Cultures
    -Barbara Olins Alpert’s thoughts on relations between “ice age” and “Western” art.
  • Finally, the Kinetic Publishing section includes a roundtable discussion on the future of scholarly communication in the internet age.

Please visit these sections in accordance with your interests.
- Gerald Cupchik, University of Toronto Scarborough