Relevant Student Groups

Relevant Student Groups

Name of Organization Email Short Description
BioSA As the official Departmental Students Association for Biological Sciences students, BioSA represents all students in Biological Science programs (Specialists, Majors and Minors) at UTSC. BioSA acts as a forum for these students to voice their opinions and concerns and serves as a bridge between the Department of Biological Sciences and the students. We offer many events and seminars on post-degree opportunities and ways to enhance their experience while pursuing their undergraduate degree. We offer opportunities to give back to the community while providing members with the resources to further their exploration of science related career paths. Through partnerships with corporations, we bring discounts to the students who wish to pursue graduate education.
Brain Hackers UTSC Brain Hackers is a neuroscience program that was first introduced by the Brain Hackers Association to provide students with educational opportunities focused on brain and behavior science. Brain Hackers UTSC aims to explore pertinent neuroscience topics with high school students while making them relevant to everyday experiences of youth through brief lectures and engaging activities. We are launching this one-month program in our community in hopes of bringing awareness of neuroscience in high schools and helping students explore this field as a future career path. Brain Hackers UTSC aims to foster academic excellence and information towards careers for the students as a priority.
Changing Impressions (CI) Changing Impressions – we are a student-run club advocating for mental health awareness. Our group uniquely focuses on raising awareness about brain disorders that impact individuals of different ages. We hope to raise funds throughout our campus by incorporating artistic expressions – poetry, photography, paintings... This art will be actively displayed throughout our social media platforms and on campus as much as possible to raise this awareness.
Healing Sounds of Music The Healing Sounds of Music is an organization devoted to bettering the lives of others through music. To do this, we perform and teach music to the sick and elderly all around Toronto as well as the GTA, using music as a remedy to promote well being. We are a collective group of students willing to volunteer our time and efforts to helping others through music. The club hopes to enrich the lives of others in the community through chamber music and small ensemble/solo performances, as well as actively involve seniors and their family members in various small music recitals and community events.
Interneuron   The Interneuron is a quarterly online publication dedicated to informing students about events in the local and wider neuroscience community. The Interneuron also serves as a co-curricular learning opportunity, encouraging students of any academic discipline to engage in critical analysis of trending events in neuroscience while simultaneously developing their writing and artistic skills. Finally, The Interneuron seeks to encourage students of the University of Toronto to consider the implications of advances in neuroscience as they relate to their home community, as well as the community abroad. at the University of Toronto Scarborough ( UTSC) is a national network of student leaders working to change the way we think and talk about mental health. The UTSC chapter is all about starting conversations in our community that tackle stigma as well as promote awareness around mental health. The UTSC chapter has a goal of changing people's perceptions on mental health in the local community. Our goal is to create an environment that uplifts students as well as encourages personal growth and development for all individuals.
Let's Talk Science (LTS) Let's Talk Science is a national charitable organization with clubs all over the country dedicated to generating STEM interest in Canadian youth. With the help of our university volunteers, we reach out to children in a variety of hands-on ways!
Medical Education Initiative Organization (MEIO) The purpose of Medical Education Initiative Organization (MEIO) will be to educate and create awareness in the University of Toronto Scarborough community on the science of epidemiology which includes the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions in defined populations. Furthermore MEIO will focus on prominent issues or limitations in medicine and education relating to maintenance of health and prevention of disease. MEIO wishes to bring deliberate educational change and new perspectives to others on medicine, disease & illness and especially shed light on the humbling hardships of individuals who suffer from them.
Medicine, Education and Development for Low Income Families Everywhere (MEDLIFE) UTSC MEDLIFE is a secular, volunteer-run global health organization whose mission is to help families achieve greater freedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering them to live healthier lives.

MEDLIFE UTSC also takes upon the mission of providing premedical students with seminars and information regarding medical school.

Mental Unity Group (TMUG) The Mental Unity Group (TMUG) is composed of a collection students that aim for a stronger UTSC community, equipped with the skills necessary to promote mental wellness. The group facilitates learning beyond the classroom, with opportunities to practice practical skills such as nonjudgemental attitude and positivity. Through discussion, student-led workshops, and other activities, TMUG allows students to develop technical and interpersonal skills which are important for supporting the lives of people struggling with their mental health.
Minds Matter Magazine (MMM) Minds Matter Magazine (MMM) is the only post-secondary student mental health magazine in Canada by students for students their friends and family. Our mission is to humanize the perceptions of mental health through education, engagement, and empowerment.

We tackle three priorities that we feel are not prioritized in the current reaction to addressing student mental health issues across Canada:

Intersectionality – acknowledging and shedding light on the interrelated experiences of those with marginalized backgrounds that often compound the struggle to lead dignified and healthy lives;
Actionable awareness – engaging our readers to take action in learning by doing;
Recovery through community belonging – healing in a supportive and creative environment.
In reinforcing these under addressed priorities, we aim to do so through a multi-modal approach.

Multidisciplinary – to include and integrate the strengths of every discipline possible in informing our understanding
Multifaceted – to organize articles and issues according to themes; to ensure that we cover a diversity of themes and remain current with the times
Multimedia – to convey the information through every modes of mediums possible
Digitally-based, we offer content from September to April of every school year with online articles on a bi-weekly basis (for the time-being) and our flagship bi-annual issue.

Based at the University of Toronto Scarborough and hoping to extend our reach to other post-secondary campuses.

Psychology and Neuroscience Departmental Association (PNDA) The Psychology and Neuroscience Departmental Association (PNDA) is the established Departmental Student Association (DSA) for the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto Scarborough. PNDA represents all undergraduate students enrolled in programs under the Department of Psychology which includes Psychology, Neuroscience, and Mental Health, and their respective co-op programs.

As a student organization, PNDA aims to help students voice their opinions and concerns; acting as the connection between students, faculty members, the Department of Psychology, and other outside organizations. PNDA will provide its students with academic and social events throughout the year with the aim of bringing students together, exploring different ideas and interests, and educating students about career and research opportunities.

Scarborough Pre-Med Society (SPS) Scarborough Pre-Med Society will work to provide a non-competitive platform for perspective medical students studying at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. Students will be able to network with, learn from and engage with professionals, and medical students during talks and seminars.
Scarborough Research Talks (SRT) Scarborough Research Talks are an excellent opportunity to practice presenting papers in a wide variety of life science topics of audience consisting of peers and faculty. Students will hence keep apprised of present-day research and develop and maintain connections with fellow students, staff, events, and research within the expansive UTSC life science community. This will allow them to enhance communication, interpretation, presentation skills with a focus on scientific literature
Scinapse at University of Toronto Scarborough Scinapse at UTSC is a non-profit organization founded in London ON that provides undergraduate science students with opportunities to explore science, build skills, and stand out. Our core initiative is the national Undergraduate Science Case Competition (USCC), hosted at Western University with the support of Western's Faculty of Science. The goal of the USCC is to give undergraduates an early exposure to real-world science, and to encourage them to understand the creativity of scientific pursuit.
Supporting Education, Empowerment, and Development, through Science (S.E.E.D.S.) S.E.E.D.S UTSC is a chapter of the S.E.E.D.S. not-profit organization. The purpose of S.E.E.D.S. UTSC is to provide education for at risk children ages 9-13 about various aspects of healthy active living. These aspects include oral health, mental health, dietary choices, and physical activities. S.E.E.D.S. UTSC believes that through science, children can begin making healthy choices and also may someday inspire them to pursue studies in the Life Sciences.
Students for Partners in Health: Toronto UTSC Chapter (UTSC PIHC) UTSC Students for Partners in Health strives to spread the values and passion that Partners in Health has come to represent through its access to primary healthcare work in developing countries. We support Partners in Health through community volunteering and fundraising for their many projects in countries like Haiti, Rwanda, and Malawi. We seek equity and better health both locally and globally. Most importantly, we strive to achieve these goals through the same passion, creativity, and resilience that Partners in Health's work demonstrates.
Synapse: Transmitting Awareness in Neuropathology (SYNAPSE) SYNAPSE is a student non-profit organization that promotes discussion, inspires interest, and brings awareness in the field of neuroscience and neuropathology.
TEDxUTSC; A group of UTSC students organizing an independent TEDx event at Scarborough campus for the 5th annual year.
United with Center for Addiction and Mental Health at University of Toronto Scarborough (UwiC) United with CAMH (UwiC) is a non-profit club at UTSC which strives to support the foundation of the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) by means of fundraising, promoting educational resources provided by CAMH, and by having guest speakers presenting new research findings and studies in the mental health field to the UTSC student body. UwiC aims to connect with the Psychology Department and Health and Wellness Centre on campus in order to provide engaging seminars and to help educate the student body about Mental Health and breakthrough research done in accordance with CAMH. Above all, UwiC’s mission is to spread awareness of CAMH and to contribute to the education for Mental Health.
UTSC Eating Disorders Association (UTSC EDA ) The UTSC Eating Disorders Association is a non-profit group attempting to support students, staff, families, and those suffering with eating disorders through donations, year-round events, advocacy and awareness campaigns. Our goal is to shine a humanistic and educational perspective on eating disorders. We also works towards serving as a network of support for those impacted directly or indirectly by an eating disorder and/or exhibit irregular behavioural patterns pertaining to eating and body image. We strongly believe in the policy of acceptance, encouragement and self-love. UTSC EDA also encourages students, staff, and all those who are interested to join our association, actively participate in our events, and learn more about eating disorders.
UTSC Good2Talk   This club aims to raise awareness about Good2Talk which is an organization that provides free, professional and anonymous support to Ontario post-secondary students. They provide support with a variety of issues including mental health, relationships, sexuality, financial stresses, legal concerns and more. This club aims to enhance the understanding of students at UTSC about these issues, which are very much relevant across the entire student body.