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Congratulations to Dr. Dere and Dr. Cooper, 2022 UTSC Teaching Award Winners!

Award winners were chosen for their outstanding contributions to teaching and learning, for uplifting and motivating students, and for their demonstrated commitment to inclusive excellence in their pedagogical and curricular work. 

Student Profile: Ilakkiah Chandran

Student Profile: Ilakkiah Chandran

Click the link above to read about how this neuroscience grad revitalized our departmental student association - the PNDA!

More student profiles were also recently featured in Toronto Life.  

A huge congratulations to all of our 2022 graduates!

Intro Psych Students Create Public Awareness Campaigns

Intro Psych Students Create Public Awareness Campaigns

Students in Prof. Steve Joordens' PSYA01 course created hundreds of public awareness campaigns to get young adults to challenge myths around homelessness. About 1,800 students worked in groups of four, culminating in more than 400 projects!

Congratulations, UofT Student Leadership Award Recipients!

The University of Toronto Student Leadership Award continues U of T’s long-standing tradition of recognizing outstanding student leadership, service, and commitment to the university. Congrats to the 2022 Recipients from our department:

Ilakkiah Chandran, Tatyana Graham, Jahmar Hewitt, Shobika Sathiaseelan

Prof. Anthony Ruocco's research featured in UofT News

Family members of those with borderline personality disorder (BPD) show similarities in their brains and personalities­ – and even interpret some facial expressions similarly, according to a series of studies by researchers at the University of Toronto.

Brett Ford named recipient of the 2022 APS Janet Taylor Spence Award

The APS Janet Taylor Spence Award for Transformative Early Career Contributions recognizes members of the Association of Psychological Science who have made transformative early career contributions to psychological science. Award recipients reflect the best of the many new and cutting edge ideas coming from of our most creative and promising investigators who together embody the future of psychological science.

Laura Cirelli featured on CBC’s The Nature of Things

Dr. Laura Cirelli was feature on an episode of CBC’s The Nature of Things. The episode, titled "Why We Dance", takes on a whimsical exploration of why humans evolved to dance. Through interviews with scientists, dancers, and philosophers, the one-hour documentary investigates the functions of this ubiquitous phenomenon across species and time. The episode aired on February 25, 2022 at 9pm.

Boosting Scientific Literacy through Video

UTSC Psychology postdoctoral fellow, Adam Frost, is using video to turn dense academic papers into short, easy to understand videos. Early reserach results found that access to video summaries of academic papers had a 14 per cent advantage on a knowledge and understanding quiz.  




Adrian Nestor and Brett Ford receive 2021 UTSC Faculty Awards

The University of Toronto Scarborough Research Awards recognize and encourage the research activities and achievements of faculty at U of T Scarborough. Congratulations, Dr. Nestor and Dr. Ford!

Kosha Bramesfeld wins 2021 UTSC Teaching Award

The award winners were chosen for their outstanding contributions to teaching and learning, for uplifting and motivating students, and for their demonstrated commitment to inclusive excellence in their pedagogical and curricular work.  Congratulations, Dr. Bramesfeld!

Clinical Psychology graduate students recgonized by the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA)

Five of UTSC's Clinical Psychology graduate students were recognized by CPA as part of their 2021 Programme of Certificates of Academic Excellence, which recognizes the outstanding achievements made by students for their masters or doctoral theses. Please join us in congratulating the following students for their achievement:

PhD theses recognition: Nadia Al-Dajani & Allison Eades

MA theses recognition: Michael Carnovale, Nicole Cosentino & Daniel Krzyzanowski

Vina Goghari appointed Associate Editor of Clinical Psychological Science January 2021

Vina Goghari, Professor and Chair of the Graduate Department of Psychological Clinical Science, has been appointed Associate Editor of Clinical Psychological Science for a 4 year term beginning in January 2021. Clinical Psychological Science is a prominent journal in the field of Clinical Psychology, published by the Association for Psychological Science.


Professors Michael Best and Zindel Segal Awarded through Clusters of Scholarly Prominence Program

Professors Best and Segal were awarded $600,000 from UTSC's new flagship 'Clusters of Scholarly Prominence Program' (CSPP). CSPP promotes inter-disciplinary and collaborative clusters of scholarship at UTSC that demonstrates impactful, innovative, and transformative research potential. Professors Best and Segal's 'Clinical Research and Evaluation Cluster' will seek to improve recovery from mental health conditions through the integrated multi-method evaluation of psychological treatments for mental health. For more information, visit: Clusters of Scholarly Prominence Program UTSC.

Professor Anthony Ruocco Receives a New Research Grant to Study the Neurobiology of Suicide

Professor Ruocco is the recipient of a 2020 Standard Research Grant ($100,000 US) from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The grant, titled A Neurocomputational Approach to Discriminate Between Suicide Ideators and Attempters, aims to develop a risk algorithm for suicide attempt that combines information across clinical, behavioural, and brain-based risk factors. The research has promise to develop a “risk calculator” that could be used in the future to inform intervention plans for at-risk patients. For more information, see the website of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.