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MA/PhD Degree Overview

MA Degree*
Year 1 CPS1601H - Psychopathology
CPS1701H - Psychological Assessment I
CPS1702H - Psychological Assessment II
CPS1801H - Psychotherapy
CPS1901H - Ethics
Year 2 CPS1101H - Clinical Research Design
CPS1102H - Statistical Techniques I
CPS1802H - Applied Interventions in Clinical Psychology
CPS1803H - Practicum in Psychological Interventions
Research Thesis
Summer Practicum
PhD Degree*
Year 1 CPS1103H - Statistical Techniques II
CPS1201H - Neurobiological Bases of Behaviour
CPS1401H - Social and Interpersonal Bases of Behaviour
Clinical Placement I
Thesis Committee & Proposal
Year 2 CPS1301H - Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behaviour
CPS2901H - Practicum in Clinical Supervision
Clinical Placement II
Comprehensive Exam
Year 3 CPS3901H - The History and Practice of Clinical Psychology
CPS2902H - Quality Assurance & Consultation
Optional Clinical Placement I
Year 4/5 Optional Clinical Placement II
Full-time Internship
Completed Thesis and Final Oral Examination

*actual course schedule may differ