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List of Faculty Accepting B90/C90/C93/D98 Students 2020-21

Faculty members that have indicated they are not accepting students this year are noted as "No" in the second column.  Please do not contact these faculty members.  

You may assume that all other faculty are open to communication about the C90/C93/D98 courses.

Faculty Member Accepting
Level Additional Requirements
Blair Armstrong Yes Any Computer science skils considered an asset.
Maithe Arruda-Carvalho Yes D-level -
Michael Bagby Yes D-level -
Michael Best Yes B-level -
Kosha Bramesfeld Yes D-level Must be interested in game-based learning or teaching about diversity.
Jonathan Cant Yes Any -
Laura Cirelli Yes Any -
Andrew Cooper No - -
George Cree Yes Any Only accepting students for neural network modeling projects.
Familiarity with R and/or Python (or willingness to learn) required.
See more details on webpage:
Gerald Cupchik Yes Any -
Kyle Danielson Yes C- or D-level Completion of PSYB20 is required.
Completion of any PSY 20-series C-level courses considered an asset.
Jessica Dere No - -
Karen Dion No - -
Suzanne Erb - - -
Brett Ford No - -
Marc Fournier Yes Any Completion of PSYC35 is required.
Vina Goghari No - -
David Haley      
Cendri Hutcherson Yes Any Familiarity with programming in Matlab, R, or Python (or willingness to learn) considered an asset.
Yoel Inbar      
Michael Inzlicht No - -
Rutsuko Ito Yes C- or D-level Completion of NROC61 is preferred. 
Steve Joordens Yes Any -
Janelle LeBoutillier      
Andy Lee Yes Any -
Adrian Nestor Yes D-level Familiarity with programming in Matlab, R, or Python is required
Matthias Niemeier Yes Any -
Olivia Podolak      
Anthony Ruocco No - -
Mark Schmuckler Yes - -
Zindel Segal      
Michael Souza No - -
SiSi Tran No - -
Amanda Uliaszek No - -
Konstantine Zakzanis Yes D-level -