Graduate Department of Psychological Clinical Science - Melanie Cohn

Melanie Cohn, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Assistant Professor

Melanie Cohn is a clinical neuropsychologist and clinician-investigator at Toronto Western hospital and Krembil UHN. Her main research interest is the cognitive function of the temporal lobes and related brain networks, and particularly, memory and social cognition. She uses behavioural paradigms as well as structural and functional neuroimaging techniques in healthy individuals and people with neurological diseases such as temporal lobe epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. She also conducts clinical research involving neuroimaging diagnostic tools and neurosurgical interventions such as lobectomies and deep brain stimulation (DBS). In these projects, she is interested in identifying sensitive cognitive outcome measures as well as predictors of such outcome. A key aspect of her work is the translation of principles learned from the experimental cognitive neuroscience literature to enhance the practice of clinical neuropsychology.