Graduate Department of Psychological Clinical Science - Lesley A. Ruttan

Lesley A. Ruttan, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Adjunct Lecturer

Lesley Ruttan is a registered psychologist practicing in both clinical neuropsychology and clinical psychology. She spends much of her time on an out-patient acquired brain injury neuro-rehabilitation program at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI)/University Health Network (UHN) where she also serves as Practice Leader for Psychology. Lesley is interested in the enduring effects of concussion and is currently involved in research at Toronto Rehab looking at the efficacy of cognitive behavioural therapy in individuals with persistent post-concussive symptoms. She has also been involved with the Canadian Concussion Centre for the past several years providing education and support workshops to individuals experiencing persistent post-concussive symptoms. She is involved in research with the Hull-Ellis Concussion Clinic at Toronto Rehab/UHN looking prospectively at individuals that have suffered concussions and their recovery course from the acute stages of injury. Lesley co-chairs the UNH Psychology Professional Council and Psychology Education and Training Committee. She has been supervising graduate level practicum students and post-doctoral fellows for several years and has more recently been involved in the establishment of a CPA accredited UHN psychology pre-doctoral Residency position in conjunction with University of Toronto-OISE’s Department of Applied Psychology & Human Development Toronto Area Residency Consortium.