Course Equivalencies

Disclaimer:  In general, courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science at the 100-, 200-, 300-, and 400-level correspond to A-, B-, C-, or D-level courses, respectively.   There are some exceptions to this, notably , PSY450H1, PSY493H1 and PSY494H1 count at the C-level, not the D-level; all other 400-level courses count as D-level courses. A 300-level course may not be used to satisfy a D-level program requirement, even if it is listed as an exclusion to a D-level course.  

For St. George / UTM courses not included on this list, please contact to verify whether or not it can be used toward your program requirements at UTSC.

PSYA01H3 & PSYA02H3  Introductory Psychology: Part I PSY100H, PSY100Y  
Note: If you are using PSY100 (0.5 credits) to fulfill the UTSC psychology program requirement for PSYA01 & PSYA02 (1.0 credits), you will need to take an additional 0.5 PSY course at some point (any level) to meet the total number of credits required for your program.
PSYB07H3 Data Analysis in Psychology STAB22H3, STAB23H3, STAB52H3, PSY201H, STA220H, STA221H, STA250H, STA257H, ANTC35H3, MGEB11H3/ECMB11H3, MGEB12H3/ECMB12H3
PSYB10H3 Introduction to Social Psychology PSY220H
PSYB20H3 Introduction to Developmental Psychology PSY210H
PSYB30H3 Personality PSY230H
PSYB32H3 Abnormal Psychology PSY240H, PSY340H
PSYB45H3 Behaviour Modification: Origins and Applications PSY260H
PSYB51H3 Perception and Cognition PSY280H
PSYB55H3 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience PSY493H
PSYB57H3 Memory and Cognition PSY270H
PSYB64H3 An Introduction to Physiological Psychology PSY290H
PSYC08H3 Advanced Data Analysis in Psychology PSY202H
PSYC11H3 Social Psychology Laboratory PSY329H
PSYC12H3 The Psychology of Prejudice PSY322H
PSYC14H3 Cross-Cultural Social Psychology PSY321H
PSYC18H3 The Psychology of Emotion PSY331H, PSY494H
PSYC21H3 Advanced Developmental Psychology PSY313H
PSYC26H3 Developmental Psychology Laboratory PSY319H
PSYC31H3 Clinical Neuropsychology PSY393H
PSYC35H3 Advanced Personality Psychology PSY337H
PSYC36H3 Psychotherapy PSY343H
PSYC37H3 Psychological Assessment PSY330H
PSYC39H3 Psychology and the Law PSY328H, PSY344H
PSYC51H3 The Cognitive Neuroscience of Vision PSY380H
(PSYC55H3) Cognitive Neuroscience PSY493H
PSYC58H3 Cognitive Psychology Laboratory PSY379H
PSYC62H3 Drugs and the Brain PSY396H, PCL475Y
PSYC85H3 History of Psychology PSY450H
PSYD11H3 Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships PSY420H, PSY424H
PSYD12H3 Social Psychology of the Self PSY420H
PSYD15H3 Current Topics in Social Psychology PSY420H
PSYD16H3 Critical Analysis in Social Psychology PSY420H
PSYD17H3 Social Neuroscience PSY473H
PSYD20H3 Current Topics in Developmental Psychology PSY410H
PSYD22H3 Socialization Processes PSY410H
PSYD30H3 Current Topics in Personality Psychology PSY430H
PSYD32H3 Personality Disorders PSY430H
PSYD33H3 Current Topics in Abnormal Psychology PSY440H
PSYD50H3 Current Topics in Memory and Cognition PSY470H, PSY471H
PSYD66H3 Current Topics in Human Brain and Behaviour PSY490H