Clinical Psychology at UTSC

Clinical Psychology at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) adheres to the Clinical Science model of training (see Kazdin, 2008McFall, 1991). The central tenet of the clinical science model of training is that scientific method and evidence are the core of clinical psychology. We follow a generalist model of training, with a primary focus on adults. Our program also maintains that clinical scientists are best trained through a mentorship model. We provide instruction in psychopathology, assessment and intervention.

Faculty at UTSC have research expertise and provide graduate training in clinical and cognitive neuroscience, psychological assessment and clinical neuropsychology, psychopathology (including psychosis and mood disorders), personality, and mindfulness- and acceptance-based psychotherapies.

Distinguished by our innovative cross-disciplinary approach to clinical science, we emphasize innovation through novel research programs that push traditional boundaries in psychological clinical research and practice.

Our Mission

Innovators in clinical science to advance research, training and practice.

Our Goal

To generate clinical scientists, who can be employed in all professional settings, including research, applied or administrative settings.

Our Values

Equity, Collegiality, Accountability and Transparency, and Diversity and Inclusivity.