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BrainCore Podcast

Hosts: Tolu Faromika and Kristina Valkanas

The BrainCore podcast was created by a current UTSC Psychology student, Tolu Faromika, and a recent UTSC Neuroscience alumnus, Kristina Valkanas. The podcast aims to bridge the gap between students and new Psychology and Neuroscience research by delving into articles with the professors and researchers who wrote them. Each month is dedicated to different subfields in psychology and neuroscience. The first month of episodes were dedicated to social psychology and focused specifically on racial bias and racial inequality. One episode featured our own Professor Michael Inzlicht! You can tune in on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more! You can also stay updated by following them on Instagram (@thebraincorepodcast) or on Twitter (@thebraincorepod).