AppStar 2013: 1st Prize, Education Goes to IDS Connect


Staying in touch while on placement is a challenge for UTSC students, and one that involves overcoming personal challenges for each of its individuals. All of us have spent time away from loved ones. When that time away is extended by months, and in a foreign, distant land as well, the importance of remaining in touch back home reaches paramount proportions. This is the problem that IDS Connect tackled.

Congratulations goes to Xiangxin (James) Jing, Jamie Tung, Ryan D’Souza (pictured from left to right above) for their development of a social platform and mobile app component of extraordinary utility. They win 1st place, Education category of $3,000.

IDS Connect is a social platform, including mobile app, for IDS students to remain in touch with UTSC and each other while on placement.

AppStar 2013: 1st Prize, Campus Life Goes to Clapp


Campus Life at UTSC promises to be quite different when this app becomes launched. Taking on the challenge of when and how to manage the many events that are part of campus life at UTSC, Clapp developed a robust, centralized app for student clubs and others to use. It was a notable challenge, and one they met with excellence.

Of course, one wonders about its name, but perhaps naming it Clapp is truly a stroke of marketing genius. That remains to be seen, of course. But as one friend said after the contest, the hope is that Clapp will go viral!

Congratulations to Jason Du (pictured above), Denis Wu, Jason Van, Yi (Stephen) He for completing this highly useful app. They win 1st Prize, Campus Life category, $3,000.

Clapp is an app that helps clubs and associations to better manage their members, as well as make admission into events a breeze.

AppStar 2013: 2nd Prize, Education Goes to PrerequiTree


Sometimes determination just pays off. This was the case for PrerequiTree, whose idea presented a considerable programming challenge: mapping the maze of UTSC course prereq’s and antireq’s in a dynamic fashion. That this was a sole challenge, by just one individual, made it all the more of an achievement, as determination to complete the app became its own considerable task!

Congratulations to Caden Armstrong (pictured above) for completing a working, highly useful app. He wins 2nd Prize, Education category, $1,500.

PrerequiTree is an app aimed at sorting out the course pre-req maze for students pursuing their programs at UTSC.

AppStar 2013: 2nd Prize, Campus Life Goes to Expo


Marvellous things can still happen when you don’t back down from a challenge. This is precisely what faced Expo, when their programmer had an emergency and could not work on the project. Expo rose to that challenge, and dug into completing the programming of their app, even though none of its other members were from Computer Science. And they won a notable mention on their code from the code judge as well, for excellence in programming!

Congratulations to James Wang (pictured above), Joanna Rong (pictured above), Arthur Ng, Minty Zhang, and Michelle Yang and the overall Expo team for meeting their challenge and completing a working, notable app. They win 2nd Prize, Campus Life category, $1,500.

Expo is an app and social media platform for use by UTSC Clubs that is meant to exceed the functionality of Facebook.

AppStar 2013: Honourable Mention, Greatest Design Challenge Goes to Mapian


Sometimes the idea of a new online software is so extraordinary, and its design so very ambitious that it becomes to difficult to achieve within a set time frame of restricted resources. This did not deter Mapian from trying their best to deliver, however, making a tremendous effort to overcome monumental obstacles.

Congratulations to Ravi Ravindran (pictured above), Marla Charlette (pictured above), Parisa Pouramn, Adam Ortiz and the overall Mapian team for their notable efforts. They win Honourable Mention for Greatest Design Challenge, $200 – a prize we added to the list, in recognition of their efforts.

Mapian is a crowdsourcing platform and social networking app for community news .

AppStar 2013: Honourable Mention, Best Code Goes to LingoGames


The best and cleanest code does not automatically make the best app, but it is a worthy achievement of its own. The appStar code judge was tremendously impressed with the code for LingoGames, and the effort was recognized.

Congratulations to Victor Belokour and Vladimir Vassilovski (pictured above) for an excellent achievement. They win Honourable Mention for Best Code, $200 – a prize we added to the list, in recognition of the excellence of their efforts.

LingoGames is an app that is aimed at assisting students in the learning of another language, and is designed around phone games.