The Hub is where students create and launch new business startups. It is U of T Scarborough’s entrepreneurship incubator.
Students work in The Hub, building products and creating businesses, and they are guided through the process by coaches and faculty mentors.
We provide programming in the best practices of early-stage entrepreneurship, including Lean Startup, and Blue Ocean Strategy.
Do you have an idea for a successful startup? Do you need guidance and mentorship in shaping your product or new business idea? Do you need space to work, as a team, in creating your startup? The Hub is designed to help you get started, providing space, mentorship, advice, and access to vital resources to get you going.
The Hub is open to all U of T students and their founding partners from all disciplines. It also works with students who are graduating (or just graduated) from the University. There is a requirement that at least one member of the founding team be a U of T Scarborough student or recent alum.
Email for more information, and to get started. Or click through The Hub’s website to learn more.
Advisory Board
The Hub has an active Advisory Board, consisting of leading scholars from a variety of academic backgrounds and key individuals with a strong background in Entrepreneurship.

The Hub’s Advisory Board meets semi-annually, and serves to advise The Hub and the Office of the VP, Research at University of Toronto Scarborough on the direction of The Hub, entrepreneurship in general, and how best for the University of Toronto Scarborough to engage in entrepreneurial activity.