Meet Matt & Hermes

Matt Olan was one of the first students at UTSC to discover and utilize The Hub’s resources. Let’s take a look at his experience!

Matt Olan

Matt Olan

  • What was your experience like working at The Hub?

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine my university experience without it; The Hub is like a second home to me. I’ve been here since the very beginning as a result of my participation in the AppStar competition. The Hub has changed the way I interact with people in my field. It is a space for computer scientists and other students, and we’ve managed to create our own community here.

  • Tell us about your project Hermes:

The project started during April 2013 at Angelhack, one of the world’s biggest hackathons. This was during the NSA surveillance scandal where data was allegedly being collected from large Internet services. These events inspired me to create, with a small team of my friends, an open source storage system that was safe and secure for anyone to use. We introduced Hermes as a distributed file storage network that allows people to store and retrieve files in a secure way.

Currently Hermes has been split into multiple sub-projects. One of which is orq, a rather technical implementation of a new technology that allows for a large piece of data and split up in a way that can be sent through an unreliable connection and be recovered on the other side.

  • What was your motivation for creating Hermes?

I am a strong supporter of the open source community and making things that others can use in their own projects. It’s my hope to move forward the frontier of technology to help the greater community.

  • Why are you a promoter of innovation?

We live in a world that necessitates innovation to not only support our lifestyles, but for survival. Without it, we would likely be still stuck in the stone ages.

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