Jack Yiu and justPlay

Jack Yiu is a third year student in Computer Science and also the mastermind behind justPlay, a mobile web application that helps UTSC students discover people to play sports with during TPASC’s drop-in hours.

Jack Yiu

Jack Yiu

  • What was the motivation behind justPlay?

My motivation mainly stems from the amount of effort needed to find people to play sports within UTSC. When I was in first year, I found it extremely difficult to find people that played badminton regularly. There were no recreational clubs for free play sports; existing clubs were too competitive and time consuming. All I wanted was to relax and play my favourite sport. But the effort needed to set up a game was too much and often deterred people from participating.

I was really frustrated because the courts were free! People usually have to pay 20-30 dollars for a one hour session! As someone who has rented a lot of badminton courts, free courts were a dream come true. Yet the problem was that very little people play regularly.

The idea of justPlay is to make it super easy to find people to play a sport with. We make it effortless to find when drop-in sessions take place, and subsequently the people that are interested in playing that day. Furthermore, it’s a great way for groups to find the last person or two to start a game (take football for example, it needs 8-10 people to play a game). Ultimately, anyone that is interested in playing regularly or trying out a sport while making some new friends, justPlay is here to help you get started!

  • What’s your experience like working at The Hub?

I’ve been working on my project for eight months now and I see The Hub as a great place for people to come together and work out problems together. Gray Graffam – the director of The Hub – provides a lot of help with marketing the product and finding the right people to test the application.

  • Why is innovation important?

Innovation is about being passionate and driven to solve a particular problem. It’s an attitude that constantly questions why things are done in a certain way and what better options are out there.

Let’s help support Jack by checking out justPlay on www.just-play.ca, try it out and tell him what you think! Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/UTSCJustPlay!