William Mak and Lyra

Meet William Mak, a 4th year computer science student that has been working in The Hub since summer 2013. Since joining The Hub Will has had the opportunity to develop four projects! Let’s ask him some questions about his time innovating at The Hub.

William Mak

William Mak

  • What is Lyra?

Lyra is essentially a music player that activates through computer vision.

  • What is your motivation for creating Lyra?

The goal is that Lyra will someday replace current music players. I often hear people complaining that the shuffle on their music player just isn’t good enough and I’ve experienced the problem myself. That was why I decided to create a music player that knows what you want to hear.

  • What is it like working on a project at The Hub?

The process of working on Lyra has been a difficult but rewarding one. Working with computer vision can be challenging. As we all know, computers are very exacting; they need a great deal of help to interpret what they see and sense.

We’ve been working on this for six months, and honestly, The Hub gives me great motivation to work on stuff. I hear a lot of computer science students say they want to work on side projects but they never do. But with the Hub It really motivates you to do it! It has been a great experience working in The Hub.

  • Tell me about your other projects.

The first project I worked on is called Hermes, it is a distributed cloud file storage system. It was created based on an issue we saw with file source systems like Dropbox and Google Drive. There are a lot of privacy issues involved, and there’s always limited space. With Hermes, no one else can access your files and there’s unlimited storage. It’s an open source for anyone to join and use, it’s free for all!

I’m also working on an URL shortener for specific GPS locations. It’s called Talon and it helps narrow down a location just through a link. It’s already workable so look forward to the release!

Finally I have Selenate which is a web automation for programmers to write a small script that automates a browser.

  • Why is innovation important?

If we don’t innovate, we die. This is what The Hub is all about, giving you that space to nurture your innovation and ideas.