AppStar 2013: 2nd Prize, Campus Life Goes to Expo


Marvellous things can still happen when you don’t back down from a challenge. This is precisely what faced Expo, when their programmer had an emergency and could not work on the project. Expo rose to that challenge, and dug into completing the programming of their app, even though none of its other members were from Computer Science. And they won a notable mention on their code from the code judge as well, for excellence in programming!

Congratulations to James Wang (pictured above), Joanna Rong (pictured above), Arthur Ng, Minty Zhang, and Michelle Yang and the overall Expo team for meeting their challenge and completing a working, notable app. They win 2nd Prize, Campus Life category, $1,500.

Expo is an app and social media platform for use by UTSC Clubs that is meant to exceed the functionality of Facebook.