AppStar 2013: 1st Prize, Campus Life Goes to Clapp


Campus Life at UTSC promises to be quite different when this app becomes launched. Taking on the challenge of when and how to manage the many events that are part of campus life at UTSC, Clapp developed a robust, centralized app for student clubs and others to use. It was a notable challenge, and one they met with excellence.

Of course, one wonders about its name, but perhaps naming it Clapp is truly a stroke of marketing genius. That remains to be seen, of course. But as one friend said after the contest, the hope is that Clapp will go viral!

Congratulations to Jason Du (pictured above), Denis Wu, Jason Van, Yi (Stephen) He for completing this highly useful app. They win 1st Prize, Campus Life category, $3,000.

Clapp is an app that helps clubs and associations to better manage their members, as well as make admission into events a breeze.