Insight: Farhan Thawar and How to Work

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On June 5th, The Hub hosted guest speaker Farhan Thawar, VP of Engineering at Xtreme Labs and a very well known figure in today’s growing tech community.

Farhan’s discussion was well received by those who attended. It was quite educational and inspirational,” posited Viktor Belokour, a student and an active participant in tech innovation at UTSC. He stated that the talk would not only fuel business ideas amongst the innovative and entrepreneurial students at UTSC, but also familiarize them with new and exciting ideas that would revolutionize the tech industry today.

Another attendee, Andrew Egan from UTSC’s Information and Instructional Technology Services or IITS, raved about the discussion and the positivity it brought to The Hub. Andrew shared that Farhan’s recent presentation provided a valuable view into how a successful mobile development company operates. He said, “Specifically, Farhan highlighted how his team’s experiences have helped to shape the processes” and they use Extreme Labs in order  “to deliver their work efficiently and successfully.” A space like Xtreme Labs is beneficial because “having an environment like that to facilitate a busy development team and to also encourage innovative thinking is critical to success in this type of work.”

When asked about the reaction to the discussion, Andrew said that “listening to the questions asked by those in attendance shows that the issues that Farhan and his team are working to solve are shared by many, and I’m sure both staff and students appreciated his insights.”

“It opened our eyes to a most effective way of working dynamically in teams” stated Gray Graffam, Director of The Hub and sponsor of the event. “We hope to have Farhan back at a point, to share additional insight in how creative ways of working can avoid pitfalls in tech environments, in particular. It was a truly inspirational talk.”

Before joining Xtreme Labs, Farhan held positions of Chief Software Architect at I Love Rewards, the Head of Search & MSN Platform for Microsoft Canada and Technical Lead at Trilogy Software. In 2010, he was named one of Toronto’s Top Most Powerful People.