Glen Drummond speaks at The Hub

Glen Drummond, Innovation Officer from Quarry Integrated Communications will be speaking at The Hub Thursday, May 16th at 4 pm.

Getting Imaginary People to do Real Work for You
Glen Drummond, Chief Innovation Officer for Quarry Integrated Communications
The Hub (IC Building, next to the Atrium)
Thursday, May 16th
4 to 5 pm
Pizza and beverage provided
RVSP – UTSC Intranet

A bit about the talk: Persona research has become a powerful method for people to coordinate research and development across teams, leveraging qualitative information and baking it into the innovation and product development cycle. Personas, of course, are “imaginary” people in the sense that they are constructions that we build to work with. But these imaginary people are an excellent way to build dialogue and vision in the development of a particular innovative challenge, and they can lift up to a higher level of integrated thinking in a development cycle.

About the speaker: Glen Drummond is a founding partner of Quarry Integrated Communications. He has been their Chief Innovation Officer for the past 8 years, and has led projects in technology development for a number of key clients in Canada and the United States, including Blackberry, Bell, FedEx, and others.