The Hub – Reopens in May

The Hub reopens on Monday, May 6th with the start of Summer Term.

Idea submissions for joining The Hub’s IDEA program will be accepted from May 6th through May 24th. Students who enter the program will be in residence through to the start of Fall Term.

It promises to be an exciting term, with guest speakers from Quarry Integrated Communications, and Extreme Labs, among others.

Do you have to have a clear idea for innovation before joining The Hub? Actually, it is much more likely that you will find your best idea after you join. So, if you are inclined towards exploring opportunities towards innovation this is a wonderful chance.

The Hub needs idea people, programmers, managers. If you have an idea of how innovation might work for your discipline, we want to hear from you!

The Hub opens soon. We invite you to take part!


Transcend – Launch Party

We cordially request the pleasure of your company to join the 2013 Senior Seminar Arts Management class as we celebrate the launch of Transcend.

Transcend is an e-Publication for the arts with an aim to collect and present works of UTSC visual and performing arts students, and share experiences of artists and arts managers through intelligent and insightful conversations.

April 5th
5:00PM – 7:00PM
The Hub (IC Building)


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch: