Vic DiCiccio speaks at The Hub

IDEA Series: The Future of an Evolving Media: Vignettes from University Research
Prof. Vic DiCiccio, University of Waterloo, Director of UWaterloo’s Institute for Computer Research

Ideas and technologies from computer science has provided the interconnected world of communication and information we enjoy today. Will social networks and an evolving new media continue their current momentum? This talk describes some efforts at universities in Canada and elsewhere. This is a must talk for anyone interested in where new media and communication technologies are going.

3:30 to 4:30 pm
Wednesday, March 20th
The Hub (IC Building)

About Prof. Vic DiCiccio
As Director of UWaterloo’s Institute for Computer Research, Vic created the Context Aware Social Media Google Focused Research Project at Waterloo. He is also the Director for Research Partnerships in GRAND NCE, a national centre of excellence bringing together 150 researchers at 25 universities to work on graphics, games, animation and new media.