Flourishing at UTSC 1-Day Conference

Are you a first year student? Feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or simply looking for ways to make positive changes to get the most out of your experiences here? If so, this conference may be for you!

Join us for a FREE 1-Day conference on Friday February 13, 2015 @ TPASC!

The conference, intended for 1st year students, will feature interactive workshops focused on developing your emotional, physical and academic resilience and assist in developing strategies for goal setting and habit building. There will be an opportunity to learn with your peers and engage in meaningful discussion.

Come identify your strengths and learn strategies to navigate the stresses of academic and personal life.

A free lunch and refreshments will be provided to all participants, in addition to prizes and grab bags!

To Register:

1. Log-in to your CLN account at cln.utoronto.ca.

2. Once you have logged in to CLN, visit the link below, and complete your registration.

3. Link to register: https://cln.utoronto.ca/publicEventsController.htm?key=2405