by Canadian Association for Food Studies (CAFS) Join us for this webinar featuring important Indigenous food scholars, activists, and thinkers as they share what ‘Canada’ means to them and their food systems work. The panelists include Dawn Morrison, James Whetung, and Dr. Clifford Atleo. Tabitha Robin will moderate the discussion. As our association reckons with the sustained systemic racism and… Read More

The month of October is full of amazing events an learning moments available from the Ecolological Farmers Association of Ontario and is dedicated to developing skills in sustainable agriculture and showcasing life on sustainable farms. These events are greatly beneficial to those who are interested in farming, gardening and sustainable agriculture. There are a few… Read More

This week is a special week in the city with Black Foodie Week going on right now! It is a showcase of some of the city’s best Black Cuisine and Black owned Restaurants. Click the link below to find out more: Black Foodie Week: This event has also showcased a large part of the issues… Read More