Globalising Food Systems Only Aggravates HungerFeeding City Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Siera Vercilo wrote an opinion based piece for Al Jazeera. This article explores the increased rate of global hunger resulting from the coexisting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war. To address this concerning trend, particularly in the context of famine in Africa, the US government and large-scale agribusinesses are increasing the global connections that are already so deeply embedded in our food system. Dr. Vercilo argues that these international efforts are increasing the volatility and fragility of the food system by creating a dependence on large scale agribusiness and marginalizing small and medium-level farmers. Instead, she calls on the need for shorter supply chains and more localized food systems through initiatives such as supplying farmers with the resources to grow biodiverse crops. 

Access the full article here: Globalising Food Systems only Aggravates Hunger