Author: Yusra Khalid, RA, Feeding City Project, 15 November 2020. Seva Food Bank, a Canadian South Asian community non-profit organization working toward food security in Canada. This Diwali: Let’s share our light with others and help feed those who need it! Diwali is a very special time for South Asian families, in Canada, and beyond. The festival gets its name from the row of clay lamps that they light outside their homes to signify triumph of good over evil. Over the many other festivals and holidays that occurred over 2020, people from different sects and religions expressed their unity in celebrations by making generous donations to community organizations helping toward food security for vulnerable groups, especially with culturally appropriate and nutritious foods. One such organizations is Seva Food Bank. Each month, it provides approximately 40,000 pounds of food and a variety of support services to more than 600 families. Fig.1: Source Link

During April 2020, Rasheeda Qureshi, Executive Director at Seva Food Bank, made active efforts and encouraged communities during the Baisakhi festival to make generous donations to fight food insecurity. According to her, for Baisakhi, the organization “posted online, on social media the most highly needed items in the food banks so that people would know what exactly was needed… also, we conducted a food drive…there was a lot of generous individuals giving food… people would drive and drop off the food.”They hope that people will do the same during Diwali, as the need has only increased. Diwali, like all celebrations, is being conducted differently this year. Seva Food Bank calls on people to make this Diwali one where they can change the lives of vulnerable communities with gifts to help feel them! has more information on Seva Food Bank and how Canadians can help.