Student Study Hacks

As students, we know how precious time can be from balancing extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, all while trying to maintain our academics and getting our daily dose of physical activity. After all the midterms, multiple assignments, presentation, labs and now finals, it seems to be a never-ending cycle making it hard to squeeze in time for some exercise. But did you know, there is a way to incorporate physical activity while studying and here are 3 easy exercises that can help.

Chair Squat

Are you typing that final essay and it been hours since you have got out of your seat? Are your legs becoming stiff? Then try the chair squat which can help with major muscles on your lower body. As you type, stand in front of your desk with your feet spaced apart and flat on the ground. Keep your back straight and put all your weight into your heels and squat until your glutes is just above your seat and try to hold it for 15 seconds and then sit back down. You can repeat this 10-20 times and have intervals.

HamString Stretch

Sitting for hours that your glutes are starting to ache? Well performing this stretch will allow for flexibility on your knees and backs. First you want to make sure that your chair is at distance from the table to have enough room to space your legs. Next try to sit on the edge of the chair with your right leg bent and then put your left leg with a slight bent. Keep your back straight and lean forward until you feel the stretch in your thigh and hold for about 15 seconds and repeat 3 times.

Wall Sitting

Hunching your back looking by at the computer screen that your back is starting to hurt? No fear with wall sitting, you will no longer feel that pain. Stand against a wall and make sure your legs are a foot distance and slowly go down by bending your knees while keeping your back straight against the wall, ensuring a right angle with your body. Hold for about 30 seconds and take a 30 seconds break and increase your interval.

With these 3 easy quick exercises, you’ll be able to study smart and avoid the aches in your body. Dealing with stress can be hard, but if you incorporate these exercises into your daily studying, you’ll keep a balanced mind and increase energy.

By: Nidusha Nithi