Minestrone Soup!

Midterms are approaching! I know as a university student, you don’t always live with your parents and you have to cook your own meal every day – and not everyone has time to cook, so here is an easy but nutritious recipe for minestrone soup! You could use any vegetables or meat, so you can clean your fridge as well.

You need:
Crushed tomatoes
Chicken broth
Any vegetables or meat you want or are in the fridge

  1. Add crushed tomatoes and the chicken broth to the pot and bring to a boil
  2. Add meat (or bean) of your choice
  3. Add pasta of your choice
  4. Add vegetables of your choice
  5. Cook until the pasta and vegetables are tender
  6. Season with salt

If you made minestrone soup using this recipe or have other food recipes you would like to share with others, use #moveutschealthyrecipe to connect with us. Stay healthy, stay active, don’t let exam stress get you down. Good luck to you all!

Author: Arika Hisatsune