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Last month, Gaby has been actively involved in the many collaborative activities with MoveU. In the first month of this school year alone,  she has been highly involved with our outreach schedule to promote physical activity. You may have also seen her promoting our booth at the Week of Welcome. She constantly brings positive and optimistic energy so feel free to approach her around campus and ask her about MoveU. With her constant efforts and dedication, she has been named September’s MoveU Member of the Month.

Keep reading to find out more about what she does and her tips on how to stay active.

What events have you been involved in as part of the MoveU crew? Which event was your favourite so far and why?

I have been involved in the Week of Welcome, Orientation, Environment Week and the Athletics and Recreation Open house. My favourite event will have to be the Athletics and Recreation Open House because who doesn’t love inflatables, dunk tanks, prizes (won a free outdoor recreation trip! :)) and being surrounded by the Athletics and Recreation Department, teams and clubs?

What tips do you have for people who want to be active?

I would recommend students to step out of their comfort zone try new physical activities; whether it’s a group fitness class, instructional class, outdoor activity, rock climbing, new sports, etc. Being active doesn’t just mean going to the gym and working out for 45 mins. The number of ways to stay active is unlimited!

What is your favourite way of staying active?

My favourite way of staying active is weightlifting because it is a great way to increase my metabolism and strength. I have been doing it for about a year and a half and I do not see myself stopping (especially with our awesome TPASC facility and staff!). Walking into the weight room may be intimidating especially when you are a 5’1 100lbs girl with no body strength whatsoever, but everyone starts somewhere. So for ladies who want to start weightlifting, just do it because it will be worth it.

How has MoveU inspired you to live a healthy active lifestyle?

Being a part of the MoveU Crew and surrounding myself with other individuals with the same goals inspires me to not only continue but also improve my lifestyle. Despite our differences, we are a team and we push each other to reach our goals.