The general duration of each leadership-themed workshop is between 1-2.5 hours.

Program Overview & Leader Characteristics:  each program begins with a clear in-depth overview of the Leadership program curriculum, outlining the workshops, excursions and recreational activities to be experienced over the 2-week program duration.      In addition, an enlightened discussion on characteristics associated with great leaders and the importance of self-regulation – the ability to stay focused, goal-oriented, mindful of one’s action’s, to manage stress and ultimately the importance of making healthy life choices is highlighted.  *Program Overview and Leader Characteristics Workshop conducted by Leadership Counsellors.

Invicta Self-Defense:  provides Leadership youth with an understanding of violence education and easy-to-remember and perform self-defense techniques taught by Self-Defense workshop conductor Alexis Fabricius (aka Master Splinter), UTSC alumna and former Camp Director of the All-Star Camp at University of Toronto Scarborough now known and branded as Camp U of T.

Social Media & Entrepreneurship: the first hour of this informative and empowering workshop overviews the pros and cons of social media and the inherent individual responsibility and accountability implied when using social platforms to create and share content (i.e. photos and videos).  Also, an overview on leadership roles using social media platforms, social networking, and how social media is used in business to market and sell product and services.  The second hour of the workshop focuses on entrepreneurship through social media and traditional methods.  *Social Media & Entrepreneurship Workshop conducted by Leadership Counsellors.

Environmental Sustainability (ECO-Scavenger Hunt):  The Eco-Scavenger hunt is an exciting outdoor team-building event where Leadership youth are placed in groups (aka tribes) complete a series of eco-questions/challenges all through the campus pertaining to the environment in a friendly spirit of competition.  In the event of rain, a similar indoor challenge will be ensue.  The Eco-Scavenger hunt is hosted by the Environmental Sustainability department.

Superpower:  Mentoring workshop that empowers youth to realize their full potential, thrive in a quickly changing world, navigate life the right way as their greatest authentic selves.  Workshop facilitated by Sischa Maharaj, Assistant Director, External Relations and Communications.

Campus Safety and Security:  Description TBA – Presenter:  Gary Pitcher, Director, Campus Safety, Issue & Emergency Management

Culinaria Kitchen Lab: Beatrice Lego, Campus Farm Coordinator will facilitate a cooking session, where the youth engage in leadership roles and work in teams to prepare two dishes.

Youth Programming:  Leadership youth will learn the framework to design inclusive developmentally appropriate games for children 6-12 as is required of Camp Counsellors and the tools in which to lead, manage and safely oversee children in a non-discriminatory anti-bullying environment, based on the standards upheld by camp administration and counsellors at Camp U of T Scarborough.

First Aid:  a mini 2hr certificate course designed to educate and provide LIT youth with the ability to recognize and respond to life-threatening medical emergencies as well as those situations with the potential to become life threatening if not treated (injury prevention).  Course conducted by Mary-Jo Wheeldon from Rescue Plus.  It is important to note that the course is not an official certification but rather a certificate of completion outlining the participant’s understanding of key principles as a first responder.

Civic Engagement:  presentation that explores civic participation promoting the quality of life in a community through individual and collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern through both political and non-political processes (e.g. exercising the right to vote, social activism, volunteerism, active membership in a group or organization, fundraising etc.)

Public Speaking and Debating:  the public speaking and debate program youth focus on the development of their speaking, listening and analytic skills and their ability to exhibit the qualities of a critical thinker and competent speaker to improve confidence when speaking in front of a small or large audience.

Communication Café:  in the summer of 2016, youth from mainland China participated in our Leadership program and hosted a unique 2-hour interactive workshop exploring Chinese history and culture with a communication workshop teaching common Chinese greetings.  Since then, the workshop has evolved where all leadership youth in the program share aspects of their culture and history with their peers in a similar fashion.

Personal Finance:  this highly informative workshop introduces youth to the concepts of short and long-term financial planning and goal setting pertaining to budgeting, saving, mindful spending habits, acquiring a credit card and responsible usage in addition to identity theft prevention safety measures.  Interactive discussion of these topics covered for 40-minutes followed by two mini group exercises.

Personal Safety:  youth learn the importance of managing their own personal safety at home, school and within the community.  As a bonus feature to this workshop, Camp Community Police facilitate an interactive group discussion and Q&A on cyberbullying and cyber safety on the following mediums:  Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Bullying:  this insightful workshop provides Leadership youth with the understanding in how essential it is for them as emerging leaders to be knowledgeable about the factors that make for healthy work environments, which are diverse, equitable and inclusive.  Most importantly, the workshop will overview the steps to identify, eliminate, reduce and mitigate barriers that manifest in work environments that prevent harmonious, equitable and flourishing work atmospheres.  Workshop conducted by Karima Hashmani, Senior Advisor, Equity and Diversity.

Cover Letter & Resume Development: interactive hands-on work lab where youth are assigned to their own individual computer work stations and learn the required steps and components to compose a cover letter and resume from scratch, or enhance a pre-existing cover letter and resume.  Workshop conducted by Rochelle Welch, Camps Coordinator.

Career Day:  Youth complete mock interviews with a partner and/or in mini-groups applying what they learned in homeroom class pertaining to the interview process complemented by their transferable job skills and volunteer experiences as outlined on their cover letter and resumes completed in the cover letter and resume development workshop the day prior.  Youth are welcome to dress in business attire if they wish and bring the required daytime wear for recreational activities during the camp day.

Job Shadowing:  Leadership youth work alongside Senior Camp Counsellors to gain first-hand knowledge and the confidence to execute the required job expectations such as head counts at every program rotation, active supervision and behavior management.

Program Evaluation:  Leadership youth have a say in how beneficial they found each workshop, excursion and recreational activities and their overall experience in the program.  Most importantly, the feedback they provide continues to improve the program that continues to evolve.



Outdoor Recreation:  Leadership youth engage in sport and recreational activities on-campus each day in-between scheduled workshops and/or excursions.

Electro-tag:  a simulated version and cross-between “Laser Tag” and “Capture the Flag” a competitive team challenge that involves partnership, eye-hand coordination, agility, and perseverance!


TARA (Horseback Riding):  a 2-hour workshop that involves indoor-arena riding basics, outdoor trail trot-riding and stable management.

TPASC (Recreational Swimming): youth enjoy aquatic recreational activities in a 50-metre pool with fellow peers and Leadership counsellors at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, a world-class sport and recreation venue that hosted the 2015 Pan/Para-pan Am Games.

Toronto Zoo (Serengeti Overnight Camping Trip):  youth get the opportunity to feed the animals (e.g. giraffe, hippo’s etc.), and receive a tour of the facility by a zookeeper.  In addition, youth share large tents with a small group of their peers and enjoy a campfire.  The following day they experience the “Gorilla Climb”, which is a fun interactive high-low ropes obstacle course.

Joe Rockhead’s (Indoor Rock-Climbing): youth experience team building through a fun and interactive experience through hands-on and practical climbing techniques and partner-work sharing.


Talent Show Practice (*only applies to Leadership youth enrolled in Session 4:  August 12-23):  Leadership youth perform at the talent show in front of an audience of campers ages 6-12.  Each year campers highly anticipate seeing the performance of the LIT youth who they admire and aspire to be in the not-so-distant future.