In an effort to engage the varying interests of children, we have replaced the morning Recreation Camp with Themed Camps to enhance the morning curriculum.  Children will now have the option to be register for either Tennis or a Themed Camp and will experience the traditional mini-University afternoon programs as in previous years.  For campers who generally register for our Recreation Camp year-after-year, we made sure to include a Sports Camp as one of the Themed camps, conveniently dated the week of July 22-26 to pay homage to our traditional Olympic-themed camp known as Games Week!

The following are the list of weekly themed camps and program descriptions being offered.

July 2-5              Wk. 1  Cooking

July 8-12            Wk. 2  Math (w/LEGO)

July 15-19          Wk. 3  Urban Planning (w/LEGO)

July 22-26          Wk. 4  Sports

July 29-Aug 2    Wk. 5  Magic Science

Aug 6-9              Wk. 6  Arts and Crafts

Aug 12-16          Wk. 7  Urban Farm Adventure

Aug 19-23          Wk. 8  Dramatic Theatre


Cooking BasicsAramark food service provider for the camp’s lunch program will facilitate a Cooking Basics program outlining food safety, food prep requirements, and food demonstrations in preparing simple healthy dishes, that the children will learn and taste their edible creations!

Wk. 2  Math w/WiCSM

Campers will have a chance to show their creative side as they explore the wonderful world of design!

Through a combination of integrated computer software techniques and arts and crafts, campers will create works of art while learning mathematics and setting a foundation in computer science.  Math session facilitated by UTSC students Marie Ubungen and Rachel D’Souza in the student club Women in Computers, Science and Mathematics



Campers will engage in interactive computer lab sessions introducing basic coding principles and variables – string, number and Boolean.  Urban coding is used, as an alternative to or addition to urban planning development, design and placement of buildings, streets and public spaces etc. Math session facilitated by UTSC students Marie Ubungen and Rachel D’Souza in the student club Women in Computers, Science and Mathematics



Games Week:  this is historically the most popular themed camp week at Camp U of T Scarborough, as campers are placed in teams representing countries complete with an opening and closing ceremony and light-spirited competition through a series of competitive sports (basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, non-contact rugby, archery) and other traditional recreational activities.  Also, as always, a guest athlete and former camp alum will stop in a pay a visit for a motivational presentation and photo-op!



Magic Show & Workshop:  world-wide magician BenTastic will thrill campers with a live magic show and them make them the stars of the show by teaching them tricks to gain an understanding of science through illusion and technology.  At the end of the week campers will perform their own magic show in groups in front of their peers.

Let’s Talk Science:  Incorporating science based programming with the arts, campers will have the ability to participate (hands-on mind’s on) activities throughout the week that will combine art with all branches of science.  Some of the activities will include building sculptures with marshmallows, and learning about electricity with play dough.



Wk.6  ARTS & CRAFTS (Visual Arts and Indigenous Crafts)

Wk.6  ARTS & CRAFTS (Visual Arts and Indigenous Crafts)

Visual Arts:  Led by various multidisciplinary international artists within the Doris McCarthy Gallery space, this week offers the opportunity for participants to explore the inspiring world of visual art. Using a playful approach to viewing and making art, campers will be introduced to a variety of media, through fun and engaging hands-on art activities each day as outlined below.

Tuesday, August 6

Photography using polaroid cameras with artist Morris Lum

Wednesday, August 7

Drawing inspired by the landscape and its flora and fauna with artist Kate Wilson

Thursday, August 8

Painting using the styles and traditions of miniature portrait-painting with artist Tazeen Qayyum

Friday, August 9

Cartooning and illustration with artists Heidi Cho and Morgan Sea

Indigenous Crafts:  Led by Elder Wendy Phillips, campers will complete decorative handicraft creations of traditional shakers, dream catchers, medicine bag and wheel, mini canoes and turtle arts through the use of natural materials and contemporary supplements.

Elder Wendy Phillips will facilitate the workshop each day (Tuesday August 6 – Friday August 9) prior to or after campers have experienced a visual art session with artists through the Doris McCarthy Gallery.



Urban Farm:  this exciting program includes a trip to the on-campus farm planting seeds and making seed balls, composting, harvesting service berries, making jam, produce tasting and nature-art activities

Adventure Camp:  a nature-oriented outdoor program that educates campers on the dynamics of the ecosystem through a variety of recreational activity (i.e. Scavenger hunts and Predator-Prey where in groups campers are assigned an animal role and complete a series of tasks to obtain food) utilizing the Valley fields and Morningside trails.


This program will enlighten, educate and stimulate campers’ interest in the visual and performing arts through a theoretical and practical understanding of this artistic discipline through fun, insightful explorations of acting, directing and dramatic theatre fundamentals.  In addition, campers will rehearse for group and/or individual performances for the highly-anticipated Talent Show that takes place each year on the last day of camp in the early afternoon from 1-3pm.