Recreation (6 – 12 Years)

Recreation Camp

Campers 6-12 years will learn the basic fundamentals and rules of many recreational activities and sports.  Some of the recreational sport activities include archery, basketball, soccer, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee and more!  *Half-day Recreation Camp is not an option.


Campers in the Tennis and Recreation camps will enjoy a mini-University experience in art and science programming each afternoon from 1-4pm on an hourly rotation schedule in the following programs:

Arts and Crafts:  the artistic abilities of all campers will emerge through a comprehensive construction session creating a wide range of hand-made objects using a variety of material

Fine Arts: campers learn fine art techniques through drawing a wide range of objects, sketching, painting, and utilizing varying colour schemes to create original pieces of art through a variety of mediums.

Dance-FIT:  campers learn a variety of dance styles (e.g. Hip Hop, Contemporary, Latin, Jazz etc.) fused with athletic sport conditioning that will aid in enhancing artistic expression through movement which improves balance, eye-hand coordination, flexibility, rhythm, and cardiovascular conditioning.

Drama:  will enlighten, educate and stimulate campers’ interest in the visual and performing arts through a theoretical and practical understanding of this discipline through fun and insightful exploration of acting, directing and dramatic theatre fundamentals.  Campers will learn and engage in a wide range of physical acting techniques such as miming, clown and mask performance, basic stage acrobatics, unarmed stage fighting, and the like.  *Note:  Many campers registered in the last week of August (Aug 20-24) will take center stage at the camp Talent Show, which takes place on the last day of camp – Friday, August 24th.

Computers:  fun and educational sessions on the basics of core computing systems and applications, website building, multi-media production, health informatics, social media platforms, online research methods and various fun academic computer games in a controlled computer lab.

Kids Science:  campers’ imaginations and creativity will be ignited through exploration of several physical and environmental science s as they learn about wind, water, gravity and buoyancy through fun experiments and creations.  This program is heightened through hands-on SCI-HIGH experiments’ on model organisms (e.g. mutant worms and glowing mice) including the banana and candy model assembly and DNA isolation, fingerprint forensics and more!

Archery:    A fun progressive recreational clinic to enhance campers’ eye-hand coordination propelling arrows with precision aimed at targets of varying distances, which improves eye-hand coordination, balance, proximity perception and concentration.  What a thrilling archer experience for campers ages 6-12 in the Recreation Camp!

BONUS:  Throughout the 8-week duration of camp, all campers engage and enjoy recreational activities such as Rep Your Nation, Pudding Dunk, Water Fight, Carnival, Capture the Flag, The Scream Game, Ninja, and Manhunt, which are camper favourites!