CAMP U of T Scarborough’s volunteer program provides viable work experience for high-school students (grade 9 & 10) who will assist Senior Camp Counsellors facilitate day-to-day program activities’ for campers ages 6-12. The volunteer program is a wonderful opportunity for secondary school students to acquire volunteer hours toward their O.S.S.D (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) certificate and a stepping stone to acquire the knowledge and required skills to be a Junior Counsellor at Camp UTSC or any other external summer day camp.

CAMP UofT Scarborough provides volunteers with an orientation session prior to the start of camp that outlines what a typical day as a volunteer looks like, what is expected of them, and a tour of the program spaces that they will be working in. During the 8 week duration of camp, volunteers receive work performance evaluations and are provided informal daily feedback on their contributions by Senior Counsellors overseeing them. Volunteers are presented with a certificate of accomplishment on their last day of service.

Volunteer Application Process

Submit a cover letter and resume to Rochelle Welch, Coordinator, Camps by April 17th at rwelch@utsc.utoronto.ca. The cover letter should outline the individual’s summer camp experience and why they are interested in volunteering for Camp UofT Scarborough. Also, the cover letter should address the program areas they would be interested in supporting (e.g. sports, computers etc.), in addition to their availability to volunteer in the month of July and/or August; taking into account planned family vacations, summer school attendance and extracurricular activities.
Note: Due to an increased interest in the volunteer program over the years, 40 volunteer hours can’t be promised. Volunteers receive 20–40hours maximum, which would generally occur within a one week period. 20 hours per week during a 4-day camp (5 hours daily), 25 hours per 5-day camp (5hrs daily), or 35 hours per 5-day camp working 7 hours daily. *How many volunteers are needed? 15 – 20 maximum.

Interview process: Applicants considered for the interview process will be contacted at the end of April by the Assistant Camp Director.

The Assistant Camp Director will contact the selected volunteers and provide them with their volunteer work schedule by May 31.