How many weeks does the camp operate for?

A. 8-weeks from Tuesday July 2 – Friday August 23.

Q. What type of camp is it?
A. Camp U of T Scarborough is a well-rounded summer day camp program for children ages 6-12yrs that offers morning programming in Tennis or a Themed-Camp program (i.e. Urban Farm Adventure Camp), followed by a simulated mini-university experience in the afternoons through hourly rotations in Kids Science, Computers and Dance-fit etc. Camp U of T also provides a specialized French Camp, for children in French Immersion who would like to improve their conversational skills.  In addition, Camp U of T Scarborough provides 2-week Leadership Certificate Programs for youth 13-16yrs.

Q. What are the hours of operation?
A. Camp U of T Scarborough operates from 9am–4pm Monday to Friday, though camp doors open at 8:30am. Ideally, campers should arrive between 8:30-8:45am for morning attendance procedures, especially on the first day of camp, and the first day of each camp week. Note: Optional Paid Service – Extended Care (post-camp childcare) provided from 4:30-6pm.

Q. When is the deadline to register for camp?
A. Camp U of T Scarborough offers flexible weekly registration. Children must register by 4pm each Thursday before the upcoming camp week, they would like to attend. Registration will not be accepted over-the-weekend or mid-week during a camp session in progress, even if the session is not full.  The official “last day” to register for camp is Friday, August 16 by 12noon in order to register one or more campers for the final week of camp from Monday, August 19 – Friday, August 23.

Q. The camp session(s) I want to register my child/teen for is sold-out, and I do not want to register for any other camp week(s), what can I do?
A. Email the Camp Directors ( with your request and you will be placed on the waiting list and notified if a spot becomes available.

Q. What if I need to pick-up my child early, or if I will have someone else picking up my child, whom do I inform?
A. With the exception of unforeseen emergencies and pre-arranged appointments, we strongly advise parents not to pick-up their child/ren early. If you need to pick up your child/ren early, please email the Camp Coordinator, Rochelle Welch  Alternatively, you would contact the Camp Directors through the Camp Office number – 416-287-7420.      The Camp Directors will respond to calls every hour of the camp day between 8:30am-12pm and 1pm-4pm Monday through Friday.

Q. My child is 5 years old and I want to register them for camp, is this possible?
A. The minimum age requirement for entry is 6yrs; however, allowances are made for 5-year old children to attend the Children’s Camp as long as parents/guardians understand that their child must be comfortable and socially mature enough to be placed in a group of children aged 6-8. Note: 5-year old campers will be placed in a small group of children ages 5-6.

Q. My child is 12 years old and I would like to register them for the Leadership Program (LIT: Leaders-in-Training) for 13-16 year olds?
A. The Leadership Program is a specialized 2-week certificate program for teens 13-16yrs’; however, children who are aged 12 will be granted admission into the program as long as parents/ guardians’ are confident they will be socially mature enough to be with teens 13-16yrs and to fully engage in program workshops.

Q. Does the camp offer any early-bird registration discounts or special incentives?
A. Camp U of T Scarborough offers a one-time registration incentive of 10% off the total registration cost of one child (6-12yrs) registered for the entire 8-weeks of camp, purchased in one transaction. Also from March 1–31, all camp registrations will receive a discounted rate!

Q. How early can I drop my children off in the morning for camp?
A. 8:30am is the earliest children can be dropped off each morning. Tennis Campers are required to be dropped-off at the Valley Playing Fields at the registration desk at the entrance of the Tennis Courts. Parents/Guardians should drop off campers registered for Themed-Camps (i.e. Urban Farm Adventure) at the registration desk in front of the Catalyst Centre Room, on the main floor of the Environmental Science and Chemistry Building. Morning Greeters will be present in both locations to answer general questions and assist in way finding. *The morning drop-off locations is subject to change, parents will be notified in advance if changes occur.

Q. Will I have to pay for parking when I drop-off and pick-up my children in the morning?
A. No, parking is complimentary for camp registrants. Parents/Guardians will be provided a “parking pass” on the first day of the camp week that your children are registered for at the registration desk. Parking passes are to be placed on the dashboard on the driver’s side of the vehicle, which will inform parking services of the affiliation with the camp.  Those who fail to place the pass on the dashboard of your vehicle will be ticketed.

Q. Where is the day-end pick-up location for children in Tennis, French and Themed-Camps?
A. For campers registered for Tennis, French and Themed Camps, the Catalyst Centre Room (#EV151/152) on the main floor in the Environmental Science and Chemistry Building is the day-end pick-up location at 4:15pm.

Q. If camp days are missed due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, will a refund be provided?
A. Every case is different, but generally, refunds are not provided – missed camp days are made up on another available camp week.

Q. What time can I pick up my children?
A. 4:15pm. Although the day camp ends at 4pm, the official pick-up time is 4:15pm as there is a 15-minute transition period from 4–4:15pm from the last program area of the day to the pick-up location.

Q. Do you provide pre-camp care?
A. Sorry, Camp U of T Scarborough does not offer childcare service prior to the 8:30am camp start.

Q. Do you provide post-camp care?
A. Yes, we have Extended Care service for campers 6-12 years. Children are in the supervision of mature camp staff with support from volunteers from 4:30pm-6pm.  Note: Parents/Guardians that pick up children registered for Extended Care after 6pm will be charged a dollar a minute. Maximum charge for late-pick-up is $60.  Parents/Guardians will be charged a dollar per minute for campers not registered for Extended Care picked up after 4:30pm.

Q. I am not sure if I want to place my child/ren on meal plan, can I opt to add it on later?
A. Absolutely. Parents/Guardians just need to understand that meal plan registration must occur by 4pm Thursday the week prior to the registration week desired. Attempted meal plan registration over the weekend or on Monday morning for the upcoming camp week session will not be accepted.

Q. I do not want to purchase the weekly meal plan, but I would like the option to pay for the meal plan on a specific day/s such as a “pizza day”, is this possible?
A. Sorry, this is not possible; the meal plan is a weekly lunch plan service.

Q. Does the camp provide snacks for the campers or do parents provide them?
A. The camp does not provide snacks for campers. All children and teens should bring a few small snacks each day, as a break period will occur daily at 10:30am. On occasion, the camp will provide campers with Popsicles and/or freezies on hot days or healthy nut-free snacks provided to the camp by an accredited supplier, but this is a rare occurrence.

Q. My child is shy and/or does not know any other children at camp, how do the Camp Counsellors ensure that all children have an enjoyable experience?
A. This is a common concern that parents/guardians have, and Camp U of T Scarborough staff will ensure that all children have an enjoyable summer experience – camp is a wonderful environment for children to make new friends in addition to sharing experiences with friends they already know. Camp Counsellors are trained to be mindful of shy children that may be withdrawn, sad, and/or not engaging in camp activities, and will proactively make it a priority to connect with them and to connect them with other campers.

Q. I would like my child/ren to be paired with their friend/s in the same group, how can this be arranged?
A. Sure, this is a simple arrangement if they are in the same age group and program. Simply email the Camp Coordinator ( one week in advance of the start of the registered camp session from March 1-June 30. As of July 2 up until Aug 16, email your requests to the Camp Directors ( Due to the number of grouping requests, not all requests are granted; however, we will do our best to pair your child with at least one friend. Note: the pairing of one friend is probable; more than one friend is a challenge due to our camper-to-camp staff ratio.

Q. How much does one week at camp cost?
A. The cost of a 5-day Themed Camp including the specialized French Camp is $250 per week/child and Tennis Camp is $260 per week/child. 4-day camps (Wks. 1 and 6) will be reduced to $208 – $200 respectively.

Q. How much does the Leadership Program (Leaders-in-Training) cost? A. The 2-week (10-day) Leaders-in-Training certificate program fee is $545.00 per teen, or $490.50 if registered for the 9-day sessions from July 2-12 or July 29-Aug 9. If your teen also wants to partake in the meal plan service, the fee is $120.00 for each 2-wk 10-day program and $108 for the 9-day programs.

Q. What exactly is Themed-Camps?
A. Themed Camps is for campers’ ages 6-12yrs and provides a variation of new specialized programming for campers rather than the traditional Recreational-sports program offered in previous years. Given the popularity of the recreational-sports program over the past four years, we are offering a sports camp (week. 4 Games Week) as one of the eight themed camps this summer.

Q. Can I just register for the French Camp program in the afternoon? Camp U of T Scarborough does not provide the option to register for half-day morning or half-day afternoons.  To register for the French Camp, you must select a morning program option of either Tennis or a Themed-Camp.  *The morning program selected will be conducted in English and the afternoon French program will be instruction entirely in French.

Do you offer any off-site trips?
A. Camp U of T Scarborough offers four off-site team-building excursions for the Teen Leadership Camp for ages 13-16yrs as follows: horseback riding, indoor rock-climbing, swimming, and an overnight camping trip. Off-site day trips not provided for the Children’s Camps.

Q. What is the camper-to-camp staff ratio?
A. This varies program-to-program, however the general camper-to-counsellor ratio is 6:1 for the Themed Camps, 10:1 for Tennis Camp, 12:1 (24:2) for both the French Camp and Leaders-in-Training Program.