Extended Care Fees: (post-camp child-care from 4:30-6pm)

Campers 6-12yrs: $50 per child/wk.

Flat rate of $175 per family/per wk. for 4+ campers.

Fee reduced during 4-day weeks:

$40 per child/wk.

$140 per family/per wk. for 4+ campers

Extended care is not a service for youth over the age of 12yrs.  However, parents are permitted to pick up Leadership registrants (ages 13-16) between 4:30pm – 6pm in the Extended Care room, and will not be required to pay for this service.  Leadership youth will be expected to assist Senior Staff and Extended Care Volunteers plan low-organized activities for campers 6-12years until they are picked up.  Leadership youth will be provided a volunteer certificate outlining their hours of services provided on their last day of camp.