2020 Video Replays

During the National Dialogues and Action, there were conversations shared about the experiences of anti-Black racism, which may negatively impact viewers. Community agencies offering mental health resources for Black Canadians are available to viewers who may need to reach out.

Day 1 – Welcome
Day 1 – Overview and Purpose
Day 1 - Expectations and Outcomes
Day 1 - Plenary Talk 1
Day 1 - Identifying Opportunities for Change: Plenary Talk 2
Day 1 - Key insights from Concurrent Dialogues, and Wrap-up: Key Take-Aways for Action
Day 2 - Recap of Day 1, Institutional Actions and Accountability & Key Considerations for Action
Day 2 - Sector-wide Actions & Accountability
Day 2 - Co-Creating the Scarborough National Charter of Principles, Commitments and Actions, Wrap Up