Work-Term Preparation Course

All Public Policy Co-op students are required to complete a co-op work term preparation course that is designed to prepare them for their work term experience and to maximize the benefits to be obtained from the associated learning opportunities. The course will cover a variety of topics to help students develop the skills and tools needed to secure work placements appropriate to their program of study, and to perform professionally in the workplace.

Co-op course codes:

COPD01H3- Navigating the World of Work

The Arts & Science Co-op Work Term Preparation Course (Navigating the World of Work) is mandatory for all Arts & Science Co-op students and is taken in the first year as a co-op student and prior to their first work term. It is non-credit with no tuition fees attached.

COPD11H3- Job Search Competition: Work Term 1
COPD12H3- Job Search Competition: Work Term 2

During the semester when seeking a work term, students will take COPD11 (if seeking a first work term),

COPD12 (if seeking a second work term). These courses will provide students with specific tools and resources for a successful co‐op job search. Group and one‐on one meetings with a Work Term Engagement Coordinator are provided, to aid in improving job search or interviewing performance while competing for a work term.