Grace Skogstad

Grace Skogstad

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Grace Skogstad holds a BA and MA in Political Science from the University of Alberta, and a PhD in Political Science from the University of British Columbia. She served as President of the Canadian Political Science Association in 2002-03. She specializes in Canadian Politics, especially Canadian federalism, and comparative public policy.

Interview with Grace Skogstad

Research Interests: 

My areas of interest are Canadian agricultural and food policy, including trade policy; and European and North American regulatory policies with respect to biofuels and genetically modified products. These substantive interests address theories of institutional transformation and resilience; internationalization of domestic politics and the implications for democratic policy-making; changing modes of governance; the role of ideas and discourse in policy making; and the relationship among science, technology, and democracy.

Awards and Grants: 

April 1, 2015- March 30, 2018: BioFuelNet Canada (National Centres of Excellence) Grant for Research Project, `Pathways to Reducing Policy Uncertainty in Sustainable Biofuels Governance’. $90,000.


Stefan Renckens, Grace Skogstad, and Matthieu Mondou, `When Normative and Market Power Interact: The European Union and Global Biofuels, Journal of Common Market Studies. Forthcoming.
`Policy Feedback and Self-Reinforcing and Self-Undermining Processes in EU Biofuels Policy’, Journal of European Public Policy, 24 (1), 2017, 21-41.

Grace Skogstad and Linda A. White, Co-editors of `Simeon’s “Studying Public Policy” 40 Years On- A Symposium’, Canadian Journal of Political Science, 49(4), 2016.

Grace Skogstad and Linda A. White, ΄Revisiting Richard Simeon`s ``Studying Public Policy```, Canadian Journal of Political Science, 49 (4), 2016: 665-679.

 ‘The International Trade Regime: Liberalism and Embedded Liberalism’, Journal of International Law and International Relations, 11, 2, 2015, 147-154.

Grace Skogstad and Tanya Whyte, `Authority Contests, Power and Policy Paradigm Change: Explaining Developments in Grain Marketing Policy in Prairie Canada’, Canadian Journal of Political Science, 48(1), 2015, 79-101.

Mondou, Matthieu, Grace Skogstad and David Houle, `Policy Image Resilience, Multidimensionality, and Policy Image Management: A Study of US Biofuel Policy,’ Journal of Public Policy, 34 (1), 2014, 155-180.

Grace Skogstad, David Cameron, Martin Papillon, and Keith Banting, eds. The Global Promise of Federalism. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2013, 312 pp.

Herman Bakvis and Grace Skogstad, eds. Canadian Federalism: Performance, Effectiveness and Legitimacy, 3rd edition, Oxford University Press, 2012, 378 pp.

Teaching Interests: 

  • Topics in Canadian and Comparative Politics
  • Canadian Politics
  • Canadian Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations